Airport Fashion Inspirations: The Kpop Edition

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Hello Friday!
Let's get some fashion inspiration especially for those who are flying out of the country (like me)! And I bet you already know that K-Pop stars are the best sources for some inspiration because they travel a lot! Check out my picks from my faves!

Ahn Sohee, Wonder Girls
Meet the girl who started the obsession of K-pop Stars' Airport fashion! At a young age, she has been seen in the airport dressed so fab and expensive too! Well, you can't blame that she actually is a good investment for brands to give out expensive stuff to... because she's on the A-list and she can model it well.. Or she can simply afford it. Nice $2000 bag for a (then) 18 year old huh?

Kim Hyoyeon, SNSD
My fave girl from the group. I love this laid back look showing a lot of leg. This is probably my look all summer. Then again, this has always been my style!

Choi Sooyoung, SNSD
While looking for some Hyoyeon inspo, I came across this look from the tallest girl of the group. I immediately fell for it because this is a version of a look I'm planning to wear for the stage this summer. We'll see though! I like the over-sized army jacket pair with the cute black skirt/dress. She could do better with the shoes, but it sure looks comfortable anyways.

Kim Hyuna, 4Minute
So much swag for this sizzling star! I love the oversized sweater with that "no shorts" look. The black booties look cool, too. All I can say is, "YASSS!".

Park Bom, 2NE1
The vocalist of the group always has a tendency to wear interesting stockings paired wih short shorts and a hoodie or tops like the one in the picture. Her asset is her legs and she knows how to work it.

CL, 2NE1
Queen Chaerin looking fabulous in her interesting attire! Back in the day she wore pretty boyish outfits. And now, she makes sure to look fierce, sexy and eccentric! Her fashion is bomb.

Well, I hope you've picked up some inspiration for your next flight!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love Choi Sooyoung <3
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