GOT7 at San Francisco!

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     Last Wednesday, May 6, the boys of GOT7 held their first of their "First US Fan Meet" up in San Francisco! Yup! Their Bay Area fans gathered at the Warfield to see these boys in the flesh. Out of all the new K-Pop boy bands, I liked this group in particular, so I obviously didn't want to pass on this chance! Although I wasn't able to take pictures, but I have a vlog to comepensate. It's the video up there consisting of our day before the concert! And if you want to know more details on how this whole event went, keep on reading!
GOT7 in San Francisco, The Warfield

     The show was said to start at 7:30PM, it started 20-30 mins late and people were getting impatient. When the show finally started, the opening consisted of the boys walking in like nothing and perform their first song "Stop, Stop It". No hype, just walked on stage to perform. But of course, the crazy fan girls screamed their lungs out (including me). But after their second song, they walked off stage without a word and they played "Girls, Girls, Girls" on the screen. I felt really confused at this point. I started wondering if they were going to pop out to perform it with the video or they won't be performing it at all since they played it on screen. When the video ended, the "hype man" comes in to introduce himself to "hype up the crowd" and introduce the boys. I thought to myself that this is a "fan meet", so I guess it is "different" from all the concerts I've been to.

     They had games with fans, which made me really jealous (boo!). But everyone came up had to state their favorites. Half way thru the que of the first batch's members called up gave hugs (double boo for me!). Mark and Jackson were frequent favorites, by the way. The games were fun and if you were a VIP (aka have losta moolah) or joined their dance contest (for VIPs only I think), you'd be up there, too. They played musical chairs. The funny part was when Jackson playfully pointed out to the hype man why he has to say "cut the music" on the mic for everyone to know. Also, the hype man called up Bam-Bam for a "special surprise". It was Bam-Bam's birthday a few days before and of course, the surprise was a cake. Jackson called him out again for ruining the surprise by calling it a surprise. And by the time it was the second batch's turn to tell everyone their favorites, Jackson had to exclaim out loud to the hype man, "Why are you doing this?!". Well, apparently, not all the members were being called up as favorites, most especially Bam-Bam (poor, baby!).

     Well, Jackson kept going about the mistakes, but he did it very playfully and ended each remark hugging the guy. Except towards the end, though. When the members were asked what they thought about the concert, all of them gave it a 10/10. But there was Jackson, only giving the event a 9.99. Because that 0.01 went to the musical chairs fiasco. But of course, he did it very playfully. My favorite out of the whole group is Jackson, actually. I love his energy and the fact that he isn't some manufactured robot. He is fun, energetic, and speaks his mind, but does so in a way that it isn't rude. Although, his frustration towards the whole show is quite obvious due to the repetitive remarks about the mistakes. And with that, my sisters and I agree that the handler of the event, Jazzy Group US, wasn't very good. The flow of show was very choppy. Having at least proficient English speakers in the group, Mark & Jackson, should have been enough for them to run the show themselves (translating and relating to the crowd). They honestly didn't need a "hype man", the crowd was hype enough and the guy just made it akward. 

    Going over the group itself, they have a bunch of unique characters. All were able to show off their crazy side and make the crowd go wild. Although, I think Mark is an exception. He was quiet (like in the shows I've seen him in) and didn't shine as brightly as he was hyped up to be. Not that I'm hating on him, I was just dissapointed that he would still be quiet in the US where he grew up. Jackson, however, stole the show. He was everywhere and didn't hesitate. I loved every bit of him (even as he complained playfully). Bam-Bam was super cute and adorable, I don't understand why he doesn't get as much love. The other members were also great. But looking at them as a group, they felt a little confident. Comparing them to big shots, they weren't as clean and dazzling in performing. The crazy and loud personas are fine, but they should still make an effort to look together, especially for a rookie group. Yes, I loved watching them, but in order to make it to the top, they shouldn't get too comfortable just yet.

     All in all, it was an okay event. They need a new handler for events here in the US or they should at least host it themselves and they should work on star power as a group. I hope that thy do improve because I really like this group. I think they beat YG's Winner for crying out loud! And to think that YG entertainment is my bias? What?!

     Anyways, K-pop stars hardly come to the US, even more for San Francisco or the Bay Area (or NorCal) in general. They'll always be concerts in LA, but GOT7 however skipped that area. I think it's because they attended the Korean Festival days before. So it could be that they already performed there and the managment didn't want to waste their ticket to the US & decided on creating fan meets for their US fans. I really think that it's a great idea, actually. K-pop is so widespread even in America and yes, those idols better come to see their fans here!

There is a part 2 to this vlog
I have more than an hour long video coming up next on everything that happened in the fan meet! Stay tuned!!!!
GOT7 in San Francisco
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