Wonder Girls 2015: Comeback & Breakup

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Here's to an end of an era of everything WONDERFUL in KPOP... Right when I was pondering about the Wonder Girls' comeback this year, I scrolled down my Facebook page (literally minutes ago) to see news on the official departure of two prominent members of the group. Read on to see my thoughts on this tragedy.

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     It was reported that charismatic leader, Sunye, and pretty posh maknae, Sohee, has officially left the Wonder Girls. Why is this such a tragedy? Well, they were the start of this Hallyu Wave (Kpop reaching overseas). They were the at the highest level in the food chain (along with Big Bang). And they were also my inspiration every since I got into KPop. And now, they're officially losing two members who built up the damn empire their group name was on.

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     Well, I understand that Sunye has a family now. It did somewhat bother me how she just went up and left the group to get married, but at the same time I understand that she trained her whole life, losing her actual family along the way, and probably was tired of it all.

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     Unfortunately,after Sunye's leave, the group was at a stand still. No music. No promotions. Nothing. So Sohee signed with another company and immediately came out with ads for Adidas with T.O.P of Big Bang (they were smoking hot!). I was actually super glad for her and thought that it was a smart move. Well, because she said she was still open to doing music with group if they were to have a comeback. 

     So I was quite surprised that Wonder Girls were finally having a comeback this year. Why? They finally have Sunmi back (she temporarily left the group & promoted as a solo artist while being replaced by the Lim). It will only consist of 4 members (Lim, Yenny, Yubin, & Sunmi as seen above). And they are coming back as a band. First of all, yay Sunmi! Second off, Where is Sohee???! At least have Sohee! I know Sunye is busy with her kid. So what about Sohee?!!!! And finally, Why a band??! Do you know how talented they are singing and dancing??! Dancing is their forte! Why do you want them to not dance at all???! At the same time, I wasn't surprised also. Because Yubin made an instagram post months ago about being "out of work". Well, that made people worry and, of course, cause noise to their beloved fans. So, I guess they probably forced a comeback. But if it were shitty (pardon my language, but I'm kinda fired up at the moment), JYP should just let go of Wonder Girls completely. They've done enough damage ruining them by pursuing overseas fame (which obviously failed). And now, they've lost Sunye & Sohee. Seriously? The leader and the face of the group is now gone? 

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I seriously feel more depressed now,
Thank you, JYP.

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