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     It's been a little over two weeks since BIGBANG's concert in Vegas... and here's my post! I actually only have a few pictures taken by my old phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) which isn't the greatest, but I'm pretty sure you're not allowed cameras inside, so I had to work with what I had. And despite not having so much pictures, I did put together of some of the highlight of the concert into a video log (see down below). But also, read on to see how this concert went down!


The Good:
  • All the members are smoother than before (especially Taeyang's singing).
  • Daesung shone even more by showing his crazy & sexy side (yes, we love his sexy eyes)!
  • T.O.P is so freaking sexy!
  • GD was such a sweetheart (with that little heart he makes with his fingers) and he is such a great performer! He did three songs in a row (Zutter, Good Boy, and Crooked) and still strong!
  • Seungri is funny as usual (his English hasn't improved tho...but we still love him).
  • They brought back their old songs that only REAL VIP-ers would know and love (like us, lol)!

The Bad:
  • Our seats were farther away than the last concert! Gabby and I were in the Philippines and it was so so hard buy tickets that the LA concerts sold out fast...that we had to buy the Vegas ones.
  • The people around us were annoying. Almost all were dressed up in expensive fan merchandise, yet they weren't as excited to be there. All they did was sit through the concert. If you are a real fan, you would know their songs or at least appreciate it when Big Bang is singing it live!
  • Plus, it ended early.... People left immediately when the concert was "over". But the lights didn't turn on yet and all the video/music crew were on stand by! Meaning, BB was still going to come out for an encore! Only half of the crowd eagerly awaited for an encore (including us), but they finally turned on the lights.... because half the crowd were already out the door. Seriously, if you want an ENCORE... STAY! And if you aren't a fan (only knows their new songs/aren't going to be happy being in the concert), let the real VIP-ers buy the good tickets! It's shameful that BB's first concert in Vegas ended that way! Other countries even come up to 3 encores!!! 

The OG Fans + Hugo (new fan yet very enthusiastic) waiting for BB to come back while the fake ones already left.

     All in all, it was still a night to remember despite the un-real fans. When we were walking out the door, you can hear the disdain (more like anger) of the real fans about the fake ones... Tsk. Just because you can afford it and go, doesn't make you a real fan. I've been one since they debuted! Yup! And if you've been a fan for almost 10 years, I'm pretty sure you'll want all the encore you can get, haha! But anyways, it was still amazing and I look forward to going to more concerts of BB in the future!

See how empty it was getting, yet people were still waiting? Sigh.

Watch what we did the first half of that day here:

Watch more vlogs here:

Can you tell I have a special bias with my pictures?
I loved T.O.P first...then shifted to Taeyang.
But, I still love all of BIGBANG!
Thanks for reading!

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