VEGAS 2015 DAY 1

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     Here's part one of our weekend at Vegas at the start of the month... We traveled from Monterey to Las Vegas and end up in our hotel, the Luxor. Excuse my chatty-ness. I'm trying a more minimalistic approach in vlogging, but I like to talk, I guess. We also go to the Safe in Sound Festival at the end of the night! Tiring, but fun! You can either watch it down below or check out my pictures ^^

Monterey Bay!

Not as fluffy... but pretty cool!

What a difference an hour inland makes... hello, Vegas!

Landed in Vegas... and look who we see!

We're staying at the Luxor... yup, that pyramid! We picked it because it was right beside Mandalay Bay... where the Big Bang concert will be at!

Checked in at the East Tower of Luxor with my travel buddies, my sisters & Hugo!
Watch the vlog for a better look of the room!

Downstairs at the main lobby taking pictures!

Big slushies you'll see people walking around here! The one in the Luxor is pretty good!

Then we headed to the The Joint over at the Hard Rock Hotel for the Safe in Sound Festival! Woot!

Watch more vlogs:

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