Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream

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Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream
Once again, I apologize for the abused product in the picture. I  know better now to take pictures of any product before they get to this state...

What it does:
This triple-function BB cream provides UV protection and deep moisturization to skin with aloe and mushroom extracts, while arbutin and adenosine make skin clear and resilient. 
Description taken from here.
What I like:
  • Light to semi-medium coverage. .
  • Soothes out my bumpy skin texture.
  • Most of the time, I don't need to use a moisturizer prior to application.
  • SPF 20 PA+.
  • Looks natural as time passes. Doesn't oxidize too dark on me.
  • No break outs. I think my skin looks healthy with this!
  • Whitens the face a bit.
  • Can actually be used for photo shoots!
What I don't like:
  • Has a white cast upon application.
  • Slightly thick consistency.
  • Packaging cap is made of paper material which makes it easily abused after a period of time.
  • May have a slight pink undertone to it.
  • The smell isn't exactly awesome but I find it tolerable (Sort of mushroom-like???).
  • Needs a dark face powder in order to suit a tan person like me!
  • May show some dry patches for dry skin types.

What I say:
I actually like this BB cream! I've had oily skin in the Philippines but I would always use this then due to its coverage. Yes, I would blot once in awhile but not too many times to be annoyed! I also have used this through most of the time since I got back in the U.S. even for my photo shoots! I set this with my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark and I don't have to worry about the white cast! I also remember my friend asking me if I've used concealer (as she stared carefully at my face) but I haven't! My sister (also the photographer) said she likes the BB cream on me because when she zooms in to my face there is barely anything to edit out even if my skin is far from perfect! I also utilize this more because I felt like this was somewhat one of the darker BB creams I had in my collection especially in comparison to my Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 21 despite the somewhat pink undertone.

This was purchased from the Skinfood Branch at SM MOA in the Philippines. I forgot the prices there but I'm sure its definitely ridiculously overpriced. According to one online shop I trust, this costs less than P800. Would I buy this again? Definitely! But I still got a lot of other BB creams to use up before purchasing another...!

Here are some shots from actual fun shoots wherein I used this BB cream!
From my "Absence" post.
From my "Downtown Chicago" post.
Pictures by my sistarrr :)

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  1. Man I so want to try a BB cream! They sound like a miracle worker, the Western markets are clearly lacking a nice range of BB creams, those Asian brands like Missha and Skinfood are so hard to get! xx

  2. It's either we buy online or go to South Korea and buy them! It's dirt-cheap over there! HAHA. MAC actually has their own BB Cream. I'm very curious about it.... >.<

  3. I have the aloe vera BB cream, from skinfood as well.
    I don't know they have Mushroom BB cream :o :o


  4. gorgeous outfits!! *w* i especially love the shoes in the first photo, where'd you get them?? :Q <3

  5. oh, id love to have this too. you have such lovely pair of shoes, the one on the second pic. soo pretyy :D

  6. wow I never heard of this bb cream! your outfit is cute and I adore your pictures ^^ super cute!

  7. @Nana: Hi! Thank you! The first one is from Charlotte Russe. The 2nd one... I forgot! LOL.

    @NyxieLove: Thank you! <3

    @Vyvy: Awwww. Thank you! You're super cute & sweet, too! <3

  8. totally abused bb cream! :D

    Btw, please join my blog give away :)

  9. @Jenine: Yeah, I love it too much! haha. And sure, I will :)


Thanks for the love! <3