KPop Mondays: The Moon That Embraces the Sun + Back in Time Cover.

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The Moon That Embraces the Sun.

Hey guys!
Let me feature a Korean drama my sisters have been raving about recently... 
The Moon That Embraces the Sun.

The story of the secret love between Lee Hwon, a fictional king of Joseon, and Wol, a female shaman. Wol was born from a noble family and became the crown princess, but she was entrapped and faced execution. Finally, she lived as a shaman. 
credits: DramaWiki
Honestly, I haven't really sat down to watch the whole thing and only watched bits of it... but they've said that this drama is pretty darn awesome. It's got a great romantic thing going on with a 13 and 15-year-old... and its quite adorable!

My sisters were so into it they produced an English cover for one of the songs for the drama, 
Lyn's "Back in Time".

Lovely song, right???

Let me share my little sister's cover!

It's not that I'm biased... I just love this song!
Definitely for those people who are still hoping and longing for that great love they will never seem to ever let go.
Mushy stuff right? HAHA.

My sister included some footage of the love story between the kids... and watching it in her cover video got me hooked! They're so adorable together! Too bad it ends in an unfortunate manner...

Anyways, I'm definitely planning on watching this drama!
It's still airing at the moment but I think there are sites that has the episodes that were previously released with English subtitles.

Here's a pic of my sister during filming for her cover...
I helped out with lighting! :D

That's it for now...


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  1. Yup! Definitely the "awesomest" drama of all time...if there is such word for it..LOL! Love what you have here! =)


  2. lovely video.xx

  3. I keep hearing about this drama! I need to be in the mood for historical dramas though.

    Your sister has a wonderful voice. :)

    1. They said its really good! :D

      And thank you!!! <3


Thanks for the love! <3