Christmas 2012.

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Hey guys!
How's your holidays coming along? Mine is going pretty well, surprisingly! My family in my mother's side, which basically is all my family here in the U.S., decided to gather in our house to celebrate Christmas Eve! Let me share some pictures with you all!

Me with my cutie lil cousin, Kat-Kat, right before the party started!

Our dessert table! 
The fudge, cupcakes, & most of the cookies were baked by my sister, Gabby!
Yes, she slaved away to bake all those delicious food.
And yes, that is a chocolate fountain right there. 

An "aerial" shot of the commotion below with all the picture-taking of my family.

Meet the girls of my family!
Roxx (older sis), my mum, ME!, & Gabby (younger sis).

Enetertainment for the night featuring my cousins & sister.

Oh yeah, my sisters & I "performed" our Year Ender Mash-Up of Club Lollipop's Dance.
Check out the video I uploaded in my "dance channel". LOL.
This was just for fun & for the family... We haven't danced in awhile & only practiced this mix on the same day amidst all the preparations we had to do since the party was happening in our place :D

Every year we do "Secret Santa" and to get o the point, I got this...
Glow by JLo Perfume & Body Lotion Set.
I love perfumes! And it's awesome because I can't afford the expensive ones (or actually anything in general) at the moment plus the fact I try to collect this is just awesome! Thank you, Secret Santa! :>

The fun didn't end there... we had games, as well!
I won a bunch of stuff!
Digital Coin Counting Bank | LED Desktop Fan | 2 Beanies
I feel luck running through my veins this month! Last year, I didn't win a single thing no matter how hard I tried but this year it almost seemed effortless & expected! I'm really just happy, not only for the prizes but for how fun the games were!

Two days later, my older sis who works in a different city called me up to see if I had opened the gift she had for me... I didn't know she had left any for me but it turns out that the last gift under the tree was intended for me! She got me...
A Roxy hoodie & awesome new pumped up kicks in silver!
The shoes are hightops that actually have heels on it... every sporty girl's secret for looking taller and I think this is used a lot in the KPop scene to not only cheat height but for the look of skinnier legs. Mehehe. I'm lucky my sister knows me well. XD

All in all, Christmas Eve was wonderful for my family... I might have been emotionally stuck somewhere prior to that night but I sure felt better spending time with my family and even up to this moment!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas or any Holiday you celebrate!

 Be happy because life is too short to be miserable!

Most pictures are from my instagram account "beekyoote".
Check out my "dance youtube channel":

Thanks for reading!

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  1. the aerial shot looks awesome. THE KICKS!!! it looks amazing. you're lucky. I also have a digital coin counting back. haha



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