Hello 2013!

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"Polka dots for good luck!"

Hey Guys!
Hopefully, you guys had a great start of 2013!
Truthfully, mine started pretty slow but I'm working hard right now to get back on track!

So anyways, what's a New Year's post without the resolutions???
Here's mine!

Day to Day Goals.

My Ultimate Resolutions.

My beauty goals are quite simple...
Get healthy skin and learn more makeup looks & hairstyles!

I had a great year!
It's been full of ups and quite a bit of downs.
Nonetheless, the mistakes made in 2012 will definitely serve as lessons that will make me stronger.
I'm hoping for this year to be awesome and that I will not hold back on making it so!

"Before heading to the new year party with my Bunny."

Some pictures are from my instagram account "beekyoote".
Here's my "beauty youtube channel": www.youtube.com/beekyoote
Check out my "dance youtube channel": www.youtube.com/kyoote

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

Thanks for reading!

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