Koffee Klatch de Legazpi Co.

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Koffee Klatch de Legazpi Co.

     Today's post will be the first "Travel Tuesday" that will be featuring parts of my vacation/return to my home country last June! Yup, I was in the Philippines for three weeks! And this is one of the many places I've been to, particularly in my hometown, in Legazpi! As soon as I arrived, talks with friends came about where we should reunite and, hands down, Koffee Klatch was the number one spot all my friends suggested we meet at. They kept saying it was the newest and hottest spot in to chill at in Legazpi. My friend, Jam, said they had also the best options that came in an affordable price. So here's a description of the place from their Facebook page:
Koffee Klatch café is a great place to hang out with barkada. Its easy to find without getting lost. From Legazpi downtown ride a jeepney to Washington Drive(Rawis A or Altrnate Rd.) and if you are from Daraga downtown take the Rawis B or Alternate Rd going to Washington Drive. The Cafe is located across Pares King restaurant and Mercury Drugstore and close to Aquainas Hospital. And don't forget to try our best seller Kiwi Mango coolers. Stay cool in summer Koffeirs!!!
Read on to see what went down on our first visit!
Koffee Klatch de Legazpi Co.
This particular visit was to meet the sister of Gabby's (my sister) bff. This was also our first destination as soon as we landed Legazpi!

Koffee Klatch de Legazpi Co.
The size of the place is fair and had a lot of chairs and tables set up. It also has an outdoor area.

Koffee Klatch de Legazpi Co.
As for the menu, they have a lot to offer! It goes from everything coffee-based to a lot of fruity options! The best part? The prices are definitely not bad at all!

As for our order? Watch out for the food porn down below!
Koffee Klatch de Legazpi Co.
Koffee Klatch de Legazpi Co.
Koffee Klatch de Legazpi Co.
Koffee Klatch de Legazpi Co.
Koffee Klatch de Legazpi Co.
Koffee Klatch de Legazpi Co.
Koffee Klatch de Legazpi Co.
     We had the Mango Shake, Strawberry Shake, Oreo Cheesecake, Strawberry Butter Cake and the divine looking Mango Tango with that Strawberry pretzel on top! It may have taken awhile for our orders to come out, but they all were very delicious. The presentation came in tall glasses which was a plus. Extra class is a yes.

Koffee Klatch de Legazpi Co.
     This coffee shop provides wifi, but on that particular day the people working there didn't give us the right details...so my sis & friend moved to La Mia Tazza that day. But yes, they do provide a wifi connection which I learned in my next visit. They also have a good selection of books that you can choose from when you just really want to sit back and relax somewhere asides from your home. Their description says, this place is located right by Aquinas Hospital (where I used to go have my clinicals at during Nursing school). It is also within walking distance from Divine High School... My point is, this place gets really packed when the late after all the way to closing time! If you want to be seen, this place is popping and you might want to be there. Seriously, the evenings I find myself there, both the indoor and outdoor seating is packed. The combination of the ambiance, food & drink selection & prices, and location does makes this one of the popular places to hang out in Legazpi, as I have concluded in my short visit back home. If you didn't want to read my narrative about this place, let me break it down for you here:

food & drink selections
number of seating (when not packed)
located along the main road
wifi connection
a spot to relax in the morning
a spot to catch up with friends 
friendly staff
air conditioning
cool books for your entertainment

no parking space
no outlets for your laptop
slightly slow service
crowded during late afternoon/evenings
doesn't stay open till or past midnight

The place where I stayed at was walking distance and so I was able to meet my friend, Jam, here another time, late one evening:
Koffee Klatch de Legazpi Co.
All in all, go to this place if you want to catch up with friends and chill like we did!

Before I forget something...
Shout out to the reader I met during my first visit! I wish I had a picture with you, I honestly blanked out because no one has ever approached to ask if I was "BEEKYOOTE" and tell me they read my blog! It felt like I was starstruck at the moment! HAHA! Silly me, but that how I felt! If you're reading this, leave your social media details and blog details (if you have one)! That moment really made me happy! Thank you! 

It's been 13 weeks since this particular visit! Woot!
@beekyoote | Koffee Klatch de Legazpi Co.
If you're dropping by Legazpi, try Koffee Klatch!
Visit their page here.

  Thanks for reading!

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  1. This is so nice. I was also surprised that you are a close friend of Jam. Small world indeed. <3

    Spices & Everything Nice

    1. Ha, that's funny. You've been liking our pictures on facebook for awhile now, so it is surprising for you to say that you're only now surprised by that...? Anyways, yes, we've been friends for years already. :)


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