Sandara Park x Penshoppe [Urban Rebels 2015]

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Sandara Park x Penshoppe [Urban Rebels 2015]
     Sandara Park aka 2NE1's "Fake Maknae" aka "Ang Pambansang Krung-Krung ng Pilipinas" aka Dara return to her Filipino roots by being the newest ambassador of one of the biggest clothing brands in the Philippines, Penshoppe! She is joining big names such as Sean O'Pry (the highest paid male model in the world), Cara Delevigne, Kendall Jenner and, fellow Asian heartthrob, Mario Maurer in Penshoppe's latest camapign, Urban Rebels

Dara's campaign pictures are actually hard to find at the moment (if there is, it's low quality) and it isn't available on the Penshoppe website yet... but I managed! Check out some of Dara's campaign pictures!
Sandara Park x Penshoppe [Urban Rebels 2015]
An edgy dress for an effortless look.

Sandara Park x Penshoppe [Urban Rebels 2015]
She looks like she's about to break into the dance floor with serious crumping dance moves!

Sandara Park x Penshoppe [Urban Rebels 2015]
Dara can really work the rugged look!

Sandara Park x Penshoppe [Urban Rebels 2015]
We got some smoky eyes and nude lips with a resting bitch face. Yasss!
     Thanks to the team who handled her makeup, it didn't turn out bad at all. I was afraid they would incorporate the usual Filipina's style of makeup (sorry, I'm not a fan). This edgy look makes Dara look so swag, it's so nice to see this side of her!

     As for the clothes, itself, I like it! It is edgy and not for the faint of heart. If you wear it, you better have the attitude that goes with it! At the same time, it doesn't take much effort to put an outfit together with the clothes. I remember wanting to wear the clothes when I was way young living in the Philippines... just one piece of their clothing can make you look different. Good job, Penshoppe. The clothes you put on these big time stars was pretty cool. You can view the rest of the Urban Rebels campaign here.

The Inquirer conducted an interview with Dara about her latest venture, but was cut up into 5 parts. I found a video that was complete! If you want to know what's up with Dara lately, go on and watch:

For more info on this read the rest of the Inquirer's article here.
Seriously, so swag!
What did you think of Dara's campaign with Penshoppe?
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