December 2012 Favorites.

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Hey Guys!
We are at the half of January 2013 and so this is so late! But I've been using quite a bit of new things the past month so it would only be natural that I should share it with you all! It's not in any order so here goes...

C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve No. 12
The lip balm I've been using to moisturize my lips. Saw this in many youtubers makeup collection so I was pulled in to get this when I saw this at Bath and Body Works. It has a lot of product and can actually be used in other areas that needs that extra moisture.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for Dry, Sensitive Skin.
I'm not sure if this is for the face, but this is what I've been using on face. It is especially important because of the cold weather. Moisturizing and doesn't just sit on top of your skin nor feel greasy later.

Bodycology Toasted Vanilla Sugar Nourishing Body Cream.
The body lotion I've been using the everyday! I love it mostly for the smell...very sweet and definitely me. Not greasy at all but if you have really dry skin you may want something else.

Buxom Lips Tints in Cherry.
Overall, Buxom lipglosses are the bomb! Plumping & you can say goodbye to your wrinkly lips! Truthfully, I have never loved a lip product till I was introduced to this!

The Doft Eu de Toilette in Wish.
A Filipino brand, this is the version of Britney Spear's Fantasy! So sweet & romantic smelling. Affordable and found in LCC Department Store in Legazpi City.

ELF Duo Eye Shadow Cream in Black Licorice.
I use this to make my smoky eye look more intense. It is affordable, readily available in most drugstores & beauty corners, and does the job. Check here for more info.

Milani Powder Even-Touch Powder Foundation in 03 Natural.
Trying this out lately and surprisingly liking it a lot! Smooth & the coverage is good... will do an in-depth review on this soon.

Lioele Dollish Eye Shadow [Triple] in 09 Maple Brown.
I got this from Miss Feelo! This is a beautiful eyeshadow palette, great color pay-off, blends very well & great for on-the-go!

DollFace Cosmetics 88 Color Eyeshadow Palette.
This is the same as the well-known Coastal Scents palette. But this one is by Dollface Cosmetics, a Filipino brand based in Cebu. It's usually priced at P800 but I got it cheaper with free shipping because it already had a little damage to it back when I was in college. The major damages to this though has been caused by my travels back home during my semester break back then. Anyways, this is a wonderful palette!  And oh yeah, the color pay-off is definitely good... It obviously has a lot of colors that you probably won't need another eyeshadow palette again! Yeah, I need to put more use to this but I did use this in the months of November & December in almost all my makeup looks.

What are your favorites for last December of 2012?

Thanks for reading!

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