KPop Mondays: G-Dragon + That XX Cover feat. Me!

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Hey guys! 
I'm back with a post for KPop Mondays! Yeah, it's been awhile but I'd like to share with you all that leader undeniable of Big Bang is going on a world tour! Oh my! Exciting much right?! He was awesome during the Big Bang Alive tour when they came over to L.A. where he performed his solos One of a Kind and Crayon.. He will be performing at the Tokyo Dome in Japan in his tour... which is enormous and only really great artists get to perform... being G-Dragon, I think he can take on the challenge! Poor V.I.Pers though, I'm already broke from the Big Bang concert...but being a fan for 6 years, I will just have to find a way to see his solo world tour! HAHA.

Check out his music if you haven't already!
A fun song that will tell you to let loose and have fun... because life is too short to be so serious!
The music video's concept is so colorful (that's why it's all about the crayons! LOL), you can already predict the style for the next year here! :D

My personal favorite! It's full of GD swag and makes you wish you were as cool as him!
The clothes and the bling bling... I want them all! HAHA.  And oh, I love the message "I'm just wild and young, do it just for fun"! Makes me think of life and not let it go to waste being miserable... don't let life pass you by! Be happy and awesome at the same time

This cute song is about some son of a b*tch, yes that's why they censor it and say XX instead, that keeps playing with a girl's heart... a guy is singing to that sad taken for granted girl but the video has a twist to it.
I like this song very much, as well... for the fact I can understand it in a somewhat personal level... ohh life. HAHA. Anyways, I love the guitar here enough to make me want to learn how to play one! :P

And oh yeah, my sister made a cover for THAT XX... and I'm featured in it! LOL.
Yeah, my first "musical debut". Ahem! XD
See for yourself if I'm meant to be in music videos. LOL!

I hope you were highly amused by my feature in my sister's cover... WAHAHAHA.
To check out more Kpop covers by my sister, Gabby, check out her youtube channel:

Anyways, here's the current schedule for his upcoming tour!
G-Dragon's World Tour Poster.
 And oh, I'm so sure he'll be coming to the US again... and most likely in L.A. but GD! Please come to San Francisco instead! People are crazier up here than down there... I mean ask Epik High! SFO is hella bomb and closer to where we live. TEEHEE.

Thanks for reading!

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