Fashion Fridays: Hot Pants Love!

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 Hey guys!
I haven't posted much about fashion, so let me share with you all my wardrobe must-haves!  
So yeah, "Hot Pants", "Booty Shorts", "Short Shorts" and however you call them... they are LOVE! I'm not the biggest fashion expert but when it comes to clothes shopping, I can never can get enough of those tiny things! As you can see in the picture collage above, these are actually all my ootd posts from my instagram account! I've definitely been loving hot pants the past year! Truth be told, my legs are my favorite body parts. No, it is far from perfect. And being so, I always tried hiding them all the time in my younger years... But knowing that time is too short and that I'm not getting younger, I decided to just strut what I got! HAHA

Let me share with you my picks from!

The Laid Back Look.

The Playful Look.

The Serious Look.

The Night Out Look.

 Why I love hot pants?
1. Pair any of it with a simple white top and you're stylin'!
2. Can be mixed and matched with stockings or leggings for a different look.
3. This will definitely make your legs appear longer and especially when paired with some heels!
4. To show off what your moma gave you in style!
5. To make any season hotter than it may or may not be! 

I guess I'm really excited for Spring and Summer to come... it's been unbearable cold lately and I'm so ready to just wear my short shorts everyday again! TEEHEE.

Check out Zalora for my choices of shorts and many other cool finds:

Thanks for reading! 

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