My New M.A.C. Shade & How to Find Yours!

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M.A.C. Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation.

Hey Guys!
So the other day, I was at the mall and when I saw the M.A.C. counter...BOOM! I went and got a new Studio Fix Powder Foundation. If you followed me long enough, you'd already know that this was been my favorite the past two years. But I actually stopped using this after getting lighter from my vacation in the Philippines. The shade NC43 is way too dark for me. Actually, the only reason why I bought it in a shade that dark was because my legs tan like crazy. I didn't like having a fair face, which rarely tans, with dark legs. Anyways, this time I purposely went for a shade the matches my face perfectly!

M.A.C. Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation.
M.A.C. Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation in C4.
M.A.C. Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation in C4.
Why I re-purchased the same kind of powder foundation?
Great coverage, velvety texture, has a lot of product, lasts long on my face, and looks natural...most especially now I have it in the right shade! Did I mention that it's hassle-free? All I need to do is slab some concealer on (if I really need it), use a brush with this, and I'm good to go! Not like liquid foundations, wherein you need to deal with applying it carefully & needing a setting powder. This product really help me get that natural-looking flawless face in so much less time that I ever did before! No need for a BB Cream or any base under. Plus, this baby did really well on me even during my hot vacation in the Philippines! Yay!

NC43 vs. C4?
M.A.C. Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation in NC43 & C4.
 Pardon the huge pan porn on my NC43 Powder Foundation! But you know what? I've been using that like crazy ever since I got,which is like two years ago! Despite the huge usage, there is still a lot left! Seeing that, the $27 tag price ain't so bad after all! HAHA.

Swatches: M.A.C. Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation in C4 & NC43.
To the right, the NC43 is a dark tannish-yellow. And the right... Huh? Can you see it??? LOL. The C4 shade is like 99.99% match of my skin! Yep, I totally swatches it there! And I can assure you it's the same for my face, too. My mom prefers this shade on me because it matches me so well it doesn't look like I have anything on but a flawless face! Yay!

 Screen shot taken from here.
Yellow - C4. Blue - NC43.
I'm surprised I was matches with the C4 Shade. I thought I'd be like a NC35 because most Asians have it that way even my sister...and the fact my M.A.C. Studio Sculpt Concealer is in that shade, as well. I've looked up what "C" means in the M.A.C. shade system and I found the picture below!

 Picture taken from here.
Knowing that I have green veins, I guess I am going with my actual shade. Sometimes, the M.A.C. artists or even you may prefer going to an opposite shade to balance out the yellow or the pink. In my case, I'm pretty happy with my yellow or gold-ness, haha.

Now I think about it, I probably should have grabbed a new concealer! I have yet to try if what I already have any that will match my new powder foundation shade. RAWR. Oh well! :D

Check my first M.A.C. Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation:

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  1. THis is sooo awesome. I'm a c4 with mac face and body. maybe I'm a C4 with this powder founation too. and maybe we're skin tone twins.

    1. Cool! I purchased C6 last summer when I thought I got darker and now I wish I got C5 instead! Oh well! LO

  2. Does MAC C4 lighter than NC42 but darker than NC40?


Thanks for the love! <3