Must-Have Spring Nail Colors!

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Hey guys! 

It's spring time! I'm loving how the weather is getting a little warm and everything suddenly looks colorful! Cheers to the new season! And right now, I suddenly feel the need to paint my fingernails in pretty colors, as well! Anyways, I bumped into an article on what nail colors you could rock for spring... so I went into my rarely-touched collection to see if I've got any of it that will go with the Spring trends! 

By the way, the following are mostly Filipino (local) products for my readers in the Philippines.
I also apologize for the faded imprints on the bottles and for keeping the price tags on, it actually has the names of the nail colors on it!
Sassy Colors. La Belle in Baby Blue.
Sassy Colors. La Belle in French Lavender.
Sassy Colors in Tan.
Sassy Colors in Black Star Blue. La Belle in Sapphire.
Sassy Colors in White Satin.
La Belle in Dolly Pink. Sassy Colors Crackle Nail Polish in Pink. Sassy Colors in Neon Pink.

Honestly, Spring is a lot more colorful than this...
so let me share with you all my personal picks, too!
Allue Glam Rock (HBC) Nail Colour in Green Session. La Belle in Summer Yellow & Apple Green. Sassy Colors in Yellow Frost, Lime Green, & Fire Opal.

As for my non-Filipino brands...
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Mint Sorbet. Wet n Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color in Private Viewing, Sugar Coat, & 2% Milk.
 When you really think of Spring, the colors are full-on bright just yet! It's more of the pastels or candy-like but definitely colorful!

Yes, most of my collection is of Sassy Colors. Not only is it owned by my sister's very best friend's family (hence the goodies they've given us thru the years even before my blogging days) but it's also the only nail polish that was not only pretty but also didn't ever stain my nails yellow. Sassy Colors has prices from P15.50 (small), P19.50 (medium) and P26.50 (large but old packaging). Under Sassy Colors, they have La Belle which is, as far as I understand, catering to a different age group and costs only P18.00 per bottle. I actually know this because I hauled (LCC Legazpi & Daraga in Bicol, Philippines) a bunch of them before.

I'm not fond of my hands really, but I know I have to  swatch these out for everyone. I will do that hopefully soon as a Nails of the Day post or something. You can check out the original post that inspired this post here.

What are your Spring 2013 Nail Color Picks?
Comment down below!

Thanks for reading!

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