Product Review: BA Star Natural Eye Shadow Palette.

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BA Star Natural Shadow Palette.

Hey Guys!
This review is actually a little late... I was sent this a few days ago but only am reviewing it now. Anyways, I'll be reviewing this eye shadow palette from BA Star!

BA Star Natural Shadow Palette.
BA Star Natural Shadow Palette.

What it is:
5 Color Shadow Palette
Perfect Natural Shades

Palette Contains:
  • 3  Mineral Shadows. Bronze, Cocoa,Nude
  • 2 Gel Glitters. Gold & Crystal
  • Double Applicator.
Product description taken from here.

What I like:
  • Decent pigmentation even without the use of an eye primer.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Very nice color combo.
  • Come with glitter gels to take your look a step up!
  • Can be used for everyday wear or for partying the night away, too.

BA Star Natural Shadow Palette Swatches.

What I don't like:
  • The glitter fall out when applying, but it can be easily swept away with a brush.

Final thoughts:
This is a pretty good palette for the eye shadows but a level higher for having two glitter gels with it! The company, BA Star, is being promoted towards dancers, cheerleaders, and performers... so being one myself, I wondered how the heck I didn't get into these before?! I've always used thick black eyeliner for almost all my performances. Now I look back, that could be a little boring. HAHA.

Final Look:
Taken with Flash.
Lid - Bronze with Gold Glitter on top. Crease - Cocoa. Brow Bone/Waterline - Nude.

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