Travel Tuesdays: Point Lobos State Reserve.

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Point Lobos, Carmel, CA, USA.
China Beach, Point Lobos State Reserve, Carmel, CA, USA.
Gibson Beach, Point Lobos State Reserve, Carmel, CA, USA.
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Last Palm Sunday my family and I decided to hike at the beautiful Point Lobos. It consists of hiking trails, many beaches, and purely wonderful sights! It was a day of exercise, serenity, and bonding. Because of time constraint and the place is so big we only got to go a few parts of it. We are so lucky to have this so near to where we live, we can definitely visit again... Spring is upon us! It's a great time to be outdoors after the cold dreary winter!

Oh yeah, I vlogged on that day... Check it out to see more sights!

If you're planning a trip here visit their website:

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