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Big Byung (빅병) - Stress Come on! (스트레스 컴온!)

So I haven't posted any of my thoughts on Kpop recently. With the quantity of groups and the need to make it in the scene, the quality of KPop seems to be in a low for me. Gone are the days when almost every group out was ready to entertain. Today? Not so much. Hence, my lack of enthusiasm to blog about it.

But anyways, one group has definitely caught my attention!
Introducing Big Byung ("Big Bottle")!
Big Byung (빅병) - Stress Come on! (스트레스 컴온!)

This was group formed from rappers from different boy bands. Their music and mv style reminds me of 1TYM, the group YG Entertainment had before Big Bang, due to all rapping and location of the video. Even if you don't have the English translations at hand, you can already tell it's a funny song talking about stress. And isn't that the beauty of music? It doesn't matter what language it's in, it's all about a good beat and rhythm! This is why I'm a love Kpop, Jpop, and J-Rock! Haha.

Big Byung (빅병) - Stress Come on! (스트레스 컴온!) | GOT7's Jackson, BTOB's Sungjae, and VIXX's N and Hyuk
The band consists of GOT7's Jackson, BTOB's Sungjae, and VIXX's N and Hyuk.
Can you guess who my favorite is???

Big Byung (빅병) - Stress Come on! (스트레스 컴온!) | GOT7's Jackson
Big Byung (빅병) - Stress Come on! (스트레스 컴온!) | GOT7's Jackson
I love his funny expressions! It's meant to be funny, but he meant to make it intended. Like he takes his job seriously, which makes it so natural!

Big Byung (빅병) - Stress Come on! (스트레스 컴온!) | GOT7's Jackson
Big Byung (빅병) - Stress Come on! (스트레스 컴온!) | GOT7's Jackson
Asides from being funny, he got the moves!
Prior to joining the KPop industry, he was a champion Olympian fencer from Hong Kong! His athletic capabilities got me swooning! Plus, I seriously think he is the best dancer of GOT7!

Big Byung (빅병) - Stress Come on! (스트레스 컴온!) | GOT7's Jackson
His rapping skills differs from the usual JYP mold, which is a great thing! Loving his style and fits naturally. And overall, he just has the charisma and star power only few Kpop "Idols" have. As funny as it is, this is what these idols needs! It's so easy to be entertained by him and definitely got my eyes on him, outshining the rest of the Big Byung members.

    JYP is one of the big three companies in the Kpop industry (along with YG and SM Entertainment. Being with a powerhouse agency, GOT7 had the assurance to succeed even before the debuted. My friends tried to push them on me, but I wasn't entirely captured by their debut single "Girls Girls Girls". But as my friends kept pressing on and I looked closer, Jackson reminded me of my first Kpop love, Taebin aka Danny Im of 1TYM! Then I started to pay more attention and after watching their practice video of "I like you", I just fell head over heels. Seeing this video, just confirmed my take on Jackson as being a great performer. You will not get bored, obviously as seen in the gifs in this post, haha! That's pretty rare to find in the half-baked Kpop world nowadays. It's no wonder big groups like Big Bang and SNSD are big and untouchable as they are because they don't only have the skills, but they also possess the star power an idol needs. I'm wishing the best for my new bias, Jackson! Haha! This might as well be an #ManCrushMonday post! :D

Watch Big Byung's MV!

    Unfortunately, as soon as Big Byung debuted, they said their farewell. This group was just formed for a collab between boy groups and for a variety show. I'm glad that they had a chance to represent themselves outside their group despite the short period of time. It's a smart move, especially when Sungjae of BTOB says that his group is starting to fade from the KPop scene. From someone who is picky as to which Kpop group to even give time to, this collab has, indeed, called my attention the more onto BTOB and VIXX.

The song is light, fun, and "gangster".
It was a brilliant idea making this group happen!
Collabs like these are uber refreshing and needs to happen more often!
Big Byung (빅병) - Stress Come on! (스트레스 컴온!)
Thanks for reading!

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