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Hello everyone!
     I'm already back in the US but I'm still suffering from really bad jetlag (sleep at 6AM & wake up at 3PM). Anyways, here's the dance performance my cuzzos and I did for my grandma's birthday. That event was the main reason why I returned to the Philippines, by the way. 

     Although this was not my best performance, I'm really proud of how it turned out. Not only are these kids actually young, two of them have no experience dancing, another two are extremely rusty (years rusty), and the rest doesn't dance actively like before. Plus, we've done it in a span of three days with only a couple of hours for each day. I'm really amazed because they were so easy to teach!!! Yeah, the struggle was real when I taught all those people from dance club & the extras from Club Lollipop... like for real. I'm glad talent runs in my family... we were running out of time! It was all last minute... I wan't sure if it was going to happen because everyone from the US arrived at different times, but my grandma insisted we perform like we did 8 years ago. 

The original RK:
If you look closely, everyone grew up! Pretty proud of my first choreographed dance performance. I was 17 back then and freshman in nursing. My..how time goes by quick.

Anyways, that's about it for now. I got travel posts coming up... and I am travelling down to SoCal in a few days for Anime Expo 2015! Woot! Looks like I'll be dancing again! Watch out for it!
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