Top 15 for 2015.

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2015 has been full of new experiences and new products to try! Have I shifted my favorites or abandoned them for the new goodies? Check out my top 15 beauty and skin care items for 2015!

1. Contour Powder Palette (generic from Ebay)
     I got this pretty cheap and it works! I use the darker shades to slim my face while the yellow & white powder to brighten & highlight.

2. Epistick
     My secret weapon against mustaches...because no one wants to see hairy lips!

3. Kiss Clear Strip Lash Adhesive
     This seems to be better than the ones from DUO, Star and even Revlon. This lash glue doesn't need time before you could actually put it on like the rest. Plus, its hold is super strong and comes with a wand for ease of application. I got this as a gift from Kiss & Influenster.

     Still my favorite powder foundation for the coverage.

5. MAC Lipsticks
     I've been loving Lickable (bright fuchsia pink) for years now when it comes to parties and performances even up till now. Now, I have Craving (mauve-y brownish pink?) has become a new favorite for its quality and the fact it is a pretty color for everyday wear.

6. Sephora Rio Nights Gel Eyeliner
     A great eyeliner that stays put despite the heat, humidity & sweat. Plus, it's really black in pigmentation.

      A comparable Filipino brand to the MAC Studiofix Powder Foundation! I love the coverage and it smells like chocolate! This shade is dark and I use this for bronzing & contour.

     A great full coverage drugstore foundation that doesn't cake up! It's so comfortable to wear! Plus, it held up so well even when I used this in the Philippines... yup, it withstood the heat & humidity pretty well!

     A medium sized palette that was perfect from travelling. It comes with a everyday & dark shadows with a huge mirror. May not be my favorites palette, but I did reach for this so much last year.

     A beautiful milk-y colored powder that will illuminate you! It feels so soft & smooth (that's why it's easy to break) and smells good.

11. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (Dark Brown) & Tinted Brow Gel (Caramel)
     My eyebrow combo of the year! The pomade is exactly what I need for long-lasting eyebrows and the tinted brow gel to lighten up the uberly dark brows.

12. Radha Rosehip Oil
    Out of everything I tried, this is my favorite skin care product of the year! I've heard that Rosehip Oil helps with your skin's bad pigmentation, but this one seems to make it better all over. I apply it at night and wake up with prettier skin! You can definitely use this for your facial massages, I do! I'm so thankful I won this!

13. Urban Decay Primer Potion
     The best ever primer for my eyes when I want eye shadows to pop and stay on. 

      The other eye shadow palette that I seem to grab for! I bought it because of Jaclyn Hill and I keep using it for the colors. I'm happy that I own something from a youtuber I love and a brand that seems to be growing bigger in the industry.

     The best concealer ever! It definitely is high in coverage and is so affordable. You can use it by itself for a super clean & matte canvas or mix it with your foundation for more coverage. 

Additional Favorites:
Bamboo Brush Set *not pictured*
     I've been using this set as soon as I got it early last year! It has the brushes an intermediate level makeup user needs. This is actually sold and re-branded all over, just make sure to get it in a good price!

Daiso Lashes *not pictured*
     Super cheap and comes with many designs! My go-to lashes that makes any look completely! You don't need to empty your pockets for sexy lashes.

Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Serum
      Again, the best thing for my hair. I cannot go a day without this. If I do end up using other brands, I probably use a lot of it (like the one from Chi). It soothes out my hair, makes it soft & shiny, and protects it from heat styling.

 Does it seem like I'm cheating? Looks like more than 15 items, huh? Oh well! 
What were your favorites for 2015???
Thanks for reading!

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