E.L.F. vs. NARS Part 1

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It's probably not new but you all know I just got my blush/bronzer duo by E.L.F. and it just so happens my older sister got the NARS duo kit with the Orgasm blush and Laguna bronzer as gift a few months back. Anyways, I thought that it would be nice to show everyone if E.L.F. pulled it off in their attempt to be the dupe for NARS.

E.L.F. vs. NARS

The packaging is very similar. But you may see that the one by E.L.F. is slightly bigger and glossier than of the one by NARS. 
The sticker sizes differ so much in size.

Spot the difference!

This only costs $3!!! But it looks somewhat pale doesn't it? There's a tad bit of shimmer in the blush, as well.

NARS Orgasm blush & Laguna bronzer.
I hope you can see the gold specks in the blush and the fact that it looks more pigmented than the E.L.F. blush. The same can be said for the Laguna bronzer. This duo costs about $40 in its regular price, I think. My mum bought this during a season sale and she had more discounts which was probably a lot cheaper than the regular price.

My arm swatch in natural light & unedited.
Bronzers: The one from E.L.F. turned out to be darker than the one of NARS despite its pale color on the pan. The Nars also had this sheen to it which makes me think that it may work better as a blush rather than a bronzer.

Blushes: Nars Orgasm is the prettier pink blush with the gold specks. The E.L.F. blush looked more "orange" than pale pink in the swatch which also has this sheen to it.

I think that the NARS duo is a wonderful makeup item just because you have most popular blush and bronzer in one! I can see why people rave about them all the time. It's so natural! As for E.L.F., its a pretty good duo for someone who likes to contour and who likes  an orange-yy blush. Basically, the items are the same in packaging but totally different products. The upside of E.L.F. trying to replicate NARS' items would be having really affordable makeup disguised as sophisticated and expensive-looking packaging.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I really love NARS! Its just too pricey for me who hardly wears make up!haha


  2. Hi Mestizay! I know that it is highly raved about but yeah, it is very expensive. LOL. :P


Thanks for the love! <3