1st Annual Bicol Bloggy Awards

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The 1st Annual Bicol Bloggy Awards.
As social online media continues to move on the fast lane, Bicolano bloggers also keep pace. The 1st Annual Bicol Bloggy Awards is the first annual awards night in the region honoring homegrown Bicolano bloggers. It is a gathering upholding convergence among Bicolano bloggers and the rest of the world.
When the facebook group, Bicolano Bloggers Republic, popped up I felt a rush of excitement having a group catering to bloggers from my hometown. Immediately, I asked to join the group and as soon as I was a member, I fearlessly added my blog... Days later, there was news of an event that would award the best blogs from different categories. I was honored enough just being nominated for the Best Beauty Blog category but I felt a flood of joy when I was contacted by an organizer, Mr. Andrew Gahol, stating...
Good evening! We are glad to announce that your blog has won "Best Beauty Blog" in the 1st Bicol Bloggy Awards. The awarding ceremony is tomorrow, 5pm at the Bicol University College of Arts and Letters Amphitheater. We hope that you could stop by and receive your award. We are looking forward to your presence. See you!


If you're wondering what is Bicol... It is the 5th region of the Philippines.
Philippine Map.
Bicol Region.

Anyhoo, I wasn't able to attend because I'm all the way here in the U.S. I really felt sad I wasn't able to attend such an event... But fortunately, my very very very good friend, Mikko, was up and ready to attend the event for me!!! And not only did she receive the award for me, she also read the just-in-case-speech I hastily made the morning of the event:
Hello Everyone!
I deeply regret not being able to attend such a glorious event... But I am honored and extremely ecstatic to receive the award for the Best Beauty Blog. I admit that I used to hide this peculiar hobby of mine from my friends but because of the Bicolano Blogger Republic, my blog was given a place in Bicol.
I would like to dedicate this award to my parents for giving me the means to make my beauty blog possible, my sister who has taught me how to take decent photos, and to the wonderful people I met online who inspired me to keep blogging. I would also like to thank the people who have brainstormed and worked hard for such an amazing event to take place.
And thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

But it didn't end there! To our surprise, my older sister's blog won the Best Photo Blog category! It was unexpected for us and especially for my friend because my sister was never informed prior to the event! When my sister's name was called she thought she heard wrong but she stood up and repeated the name... then a professor told her to go up the stage to receive the award. 

Check out my sister's blog!
Roxx Luzada.

Here's a picture from the event:
1st Annual Bicol Bloggy Awards After-Event-Photo-Op. [October 14, 2011]
 This was taken from the facebook account of Mr. Ritche Asagra who is standing at the far left. 
Beside him is my friend, Mikko (wearing black & white stripes), and the other Bicolano Bloggers.

I know that my blog needs a lot of work done but I am even more inspired to keep going!
Hopefully I could also attend next year's event, as well....
More power to my fellow Bicolano Bloggers!
And thanks for reading!


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  1. teehee! thank you very much sister cris! <3

  2. Congrats!! another blog award! You deserves it..

  3. Hi Mitch! Thank you! I really hope I do!!! Teehee. >.<


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