Labor Day at Pismo Beach

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Hey guys!

I've been pretty busy lately because I went back to school! I know I'm over and done with it but my parents insisted I go back to avoid falling in the pit of boredom and depression while waiting to take the Nursing Board Exam. It's just a bunch of Psychology classes & a Photography class... Basically, just for fun! 

Anyways, ever since I came back to America, my family would go somewhere every once in a while to eat and enjoy the day... And just this past Labor Day (Sept. 5), we've gone down south ya'll!

Here's my little sister and I on the car being bored. LOL.

unedited pic. we like how our skin turned out! :D

Before walking around, its time to eat!

THAI Restaurant.

Some of our food...

tofu & veggie soup.

salmon dish.

pineapple curry.

menu cover.
We found this restaurant on our way to Pismo Beach via Yelp. It had great reviews about its delicious food and I agree with that. The taste may need a little spicing up but I think it is enough for those who aren't used to eating spicy food. The problem is that for the price, the quantity doesn't match up. Well, that's in comparison to the wonderful places my older sister and I have eaten at when we were at Chicago, IL. Then again, its California where the taxes are ridiculous and the fact that this restaurant is so close to the main reason why we've come to the location anyways.... In other words, the serving size was a little small than expected.

Before heading out to the beach, my little sister and I ventured out on checking out the shops nearby. So, we went in this store called HOTLIX. It sold the salt water taffy, lollipops, fudge, and basically all the sweets you could think of.... but they offer more than that!


You're eyes aren't fooling you... they actually sell real worms, crickets, maggots, & scorpions to eat! Have it plain or chocolate coated or even on an apple smothered with caramel, they sell it! I didn't take so much pictures because I wasn't too sure if it was allowed. Sorry! And NO! We did not partake any of those "edible" stuff... but we have bought fudge, yogurt-coated pretzels, and chocolate malt balls instead, thank you very much! LOL.

And finally, Pismo Beach!

People were sunbathing, jogging around, swimming, hanging about, fishing, and surfing! Such a lovely place, indeed! So peaceful unlike Santa Cruz Beach Board Walk up north!

on the wharf.

A bird keeping watch over the tourists. LOL.
We basically passed our time enjoying the breeze and watching the surfers ride the waves and get crushed by them while singing The Muppet's song "WIPEOUT". LOL.

As the sun was rapidly setting.
By the way, I'd like to say its been such a waste going to beaches and not being geared up for it... Oh well! We definitely love Pismo Beach! We plan on chilling back there to soak up some sun, play volleyball and learn how to surf, perhaps? Who knows! LOL.


I've tried a new product for my face that day. My sisters were long time users of such and I can't wait to give a proper review on it! Please also be on a look out for the other Urban Decay product which I have yet to share with you all. Ohh yeah, I also cut my hair again! Just the bangs, though! Since the weather permits it, I'm so keen on growing the rest of my hair really long! Teehee.

Till next time, lovely people!


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  1. i love your pictures! :D
    what's your cam by the way? :)

  2. Hi Roxy!
    Thank you for the compliment!
    In this post I'm just using an ordinary Canon digicam!

    Thanks for stopping by!


Thanks for the love! <3