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     For those who've followed me way back at my old blog probably know I am such a frugal person. I'd go for the drugstore brands or go really crazy over blog/forum sales (via GirlTalk) just because I was a student and get all my finances for such purchases from my meager allowance! LOL. 

     My first MAC purchases were the Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium Dark and the Paint Pot in Barestudy. The paint pot is somewhere lying around in my collection and I've cleaned out the MSFN because I've been using it religiously ever since I got it! Luckily, I've received a $50 gift card for Macy's from a generous friend of my parents during the graduation party my sister and I had about 2 months ago! For those who don't know, Macy's is a huge department store which sell high-end cosmetics such as M.A.C.

     Once I decided to finally use the gift card, I headed directly to the MAC area. Immediately, I asked to be color-matched to the Studiofix Powder Plus Foundation... Why? My mom and sisters are long-time users of the powder while I was away in the Philippines struggling with whatever I had that time (I never stuck to one thing too long until I bought my first pre-loved MSFN) and so I opted to get the same. At the same time, my little sister said that the powder is great for just everyday use.

 To make the long story short, NC45 was too dark for me and NC42 was too light for me which led me to the color in between, NC43! Then I decided to get another Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium Deep, as well.

Studiofix Powder Plus Foundation.
A one-step application of foundation and powder. Gives skin a smooth, flawless, all-matte, full-coverage finish. Long-wearing: lasts for up to eight hours. A real all-in-one. The choice of pros, and a long time favourite of M∙A∙C fans.

15 g / .52 oz | US$26.50
This powder foundation has the best coverage! By the way, I've been breaking out like crazy lately due to unknown reasons... Think really bumpy skin, huge red pimples, and big time scarring with some pits. Sounds bad right? Well, it is! But with even just this powder, about 98% of my problems disappear! It also does fairly well in controlling oil and last a pretty long time (the whole time I'm at school which is about 10 hours). I've heard complaints of this breaking people out, but that doesn't really concern me since I'm breaking out prior to even buying this product. 

Overall: I love it! Its amazing how this product works to get my skin really smooth-looking! Worth the price since I haven't experienced any lower-end powder foundations do so much even just by itself! The fact that it is a powder foundation, it makes it great for everyday use when I want flawless skin!

Because of this product, I'm more that willing to try more from the Studiofix line like the Studiofix Fluid and even the concealer! I'm getting excited to buy those and give you guys a review! Teehee.

Mineralized Skinfinish Natural.
A luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect low coverage. Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day.

10 g / 0.35 US oz  |  US$27.00
 As I've said in my old post about this... Don't expect very good coverage with this powder because its definitely not made for that. Wondering whats the point of this product since this doesn't provide any coverage at all? Well, I've got a bunch of BB Creams waiting to be used up and I have tanned a lot the past year. But this powder powder finally made my BB Creams wearable again! Not only does it come in a shade that would match my tan skin, it feels so natural on the skin and doesn't become cakey at all. It also has the ability to even out my skin tone! The finish of this looks dewy because it looks like it has some sheen to it.

Overall: It is kind of pricey for the coverage it brings, but it is a very beautiful baked product! I would repurchase just because I have a lot of BB Creams to go through and I don't know any other powder that could give me the same result as this does. And oh, I simply love how it looks on my skin! 

I've accidentally told the lady to grab the wrong shade to this. I thought what I had last time was Medium Deep, but what I actually had previously was Medium Dark. It's all good though! I feel like Medium Dark (the darker shade) was a little too tan and maybe a little muddy-looking. And so, I'm quite happy with the lighter shade I have at the moment.

Here's another picture of my little sister and I from our trip to Pismo Beach...

     We're both wearing our own shades of the Studiofix Powder Plus Foundation. She's an NC42 and I'm an NC43! She can't believe I'm actually darker than her now... so sad. But its alright! Sunny California loves the tan anyways! I know you could probably see bumps on our faces but you can't expect any foundation to visually flatten those bumps especially if its huge like the ones I have! I am seriously contemplating getting the Studiofix concealer or any other great concealer to reduce the appearance of the bumps to a better extent.

 By the way, both products didn't add up to exactly $50! I had to pay about $8 more, but that didn't bother me much. And oh! In the Philippines, the Studiofix Powder Plus Foundation costs a shocking 1,700PHP!  I'm not so sure about the MSFN's price in the Philippines, but I bought my old one barely used at 500PHP.

Anyways, I'd like to read suggestions what powder foundations or concealers (high-end or low-end) you swear by... It would definitely give me options for my next purchase!

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