KPop Mondays: Tablo + Taeyang in Tomorrow.

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Hey guys!

It's been awhile since I've put up anything about Kpop lately... so I'm back with one! Well, it's not exactly new or anything... It's just that I've been drawn to it lately.

This is Tablo's collaboration with Taeyang of Big Bang with his song "Tomorrow".

Tablo was in a rapping group called Epik High right now her signed with YG Entertainment and released a solo album. No surprise there! Epik High and Big Bang collaborated back when BB were newbies in the business performing to "Fan" (an E.H. song).

Here's the English lyrics if you were curious...
 No no no no more tomorrow x2
You got someone’s love, that doesn’t mean that you have it
You keep walking, that doesn’t mean time passes
You keep breathing, that doesn’t mean you’re alive

Baby there’s no no tomorrow
I’m still exactly the same as then
The time stopped right at the last moment
However it’s just the past to you
Baby there’s no no no no more tomorrow
(till you come back everyday is yesterday)
Baby there’s no no no no more (no more) tomorrow

[Verse 1]
The memories which were tearing my heart apart
They’re now ripped off the calendar
They’re fading as the year goes by
I pretend to live forgetting you
My world is still same (only there’s no you)
They’re telling me that afterwards I will smile recalling the past
For me it’s not even easy to raise my head which was facing you
Why do they keep talking even though I don’t even wanna hear them
I’m staying here
Don’t say that tomorrow is the new day
(the morning will be darker than the night with you)
Don’t say that after a storm comes the calm
(the calmness will be more anxious than the worries with you)
Everything is a mess
It’s spring again to you but my season don’t change
Even though my heart blossoms (I’ve got no tomorrow)


[Verse 2]
It’s a dead smile which is empty inside
They say I look even better than when I with you
That they can stop worrying about me now
But i can’t breathe
This smile can not deceive me (yeah)
I became normal
I emptied my heart a lot because it became a burden
I’m going crazy
Stop telling me your consoles because I don’t want to hear them (please stop)
They say that the cure of love is another love
(the meeting will be more lonely than a farewell to me)
They say that the time fixes everything
(the life will be same as if I’m dead every second)Yes
You got someone’s love, that does not mean that you have it
You keep walking, that does not mean time passes
You keep breathing, that does not mean you are alive
Now i know that
No no more tomorrow x2
Till you come back
No no no more tomorrow
(no more) till you come back to me
No no no more tomorrow

Baby there’s no no no no more tomorrow
Till you comeback everyday is yesterday x4
-Translated by HuisuYoon @

I love the product of their collaboration! I definitely think it is a good song and the music video is pretty cool with the two fancy cars possible-almost hitting them. LOL. They must have had breathed (and ate) some dirt in the process! I also love that it's Taeyang! You see... Taeyang is my type of guy. Don't hate! That's just me! Teehee.

That's their performance last November... I think it was nice. Vocals were good and I like the choreography... and of course, Tablo & Taeyang were smokin' hot! 

Now you're wondering why I'm talking about this... I don't feel too well lately... Hopefully it will pass. I'm using my BIG BANG/ TAEYANG FANGIRLDOM to make it all better. Their sexiness will cure me in time. Bwahahaha XD

I hope you all had a happy Monday!


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  1. LOVE them, thanks for sharing.

    Hope you had a wonderful New Year!

  2. Tablo looks really good in this MV! I really like his voice.

  3. just tututiny: I hope you're having a great one, as well!

    @MissFeelo: Yup, he is! :)))


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