KPop Mondays: Past YG Artist Rejected???

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Kim Ji Eun.

This is Kim Ji Eun. 
She is a former artist under YG Entertainment, the same company that holds 2NE1 & Big Bang.
And she also auditioned for Mnet's Voice of Korea show but didn't make the next round.

Watch her performance from 19:40 and you would agree with me when I say they made a

Kim Ji Eun was freaking awesome!

I actually heard about her way before I became a super fan of Big Bang when they have just debuted.
She worked with Taebin of 1TYM and Lexy (also YG Artists) and fell in love with her voice.

Her voice is amazing!!!

She always did these features with other main singers as a YG trainee and it took awhile before they finally launched her as YG's New Face when  Lexy came out with her third album "Rush" in 2007.

Kim Ji Eun's Rain.
 They did push through in releasing her solo album but after that it seemed that they seemed to just leave it that. Then came 2010 and she was came out in a group called "Lady Collection"

Lady Collection.
 But they seem to have disappeared as soon as they debuted...

It hurts to see how such an amazing talent like hers is going to waste.
 YG doesn't know how to take care of his female artists and it makes me wonder how 2NE1 will end.

So for all those ignorant people saying a bunch of BS about how CL is better than her just because they have the same haircut now or whatever... She trained 2NE1 before they debuted!

 Anyways, I hope something good comes to her since she got all this attention lately!

Catch you later!

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  1. I saw this and was shocked too. I liked her voice as well.. eesh. I don't know, what did the judges say about her performance? I wish their comments would be subbed or something. haha

    1. They said that she was missing something... But its called the "THE VOICE", right? not "THE FEELING".. LOL. I hope she gets somewhere, its a shame her talent is going to waste :(


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