Late KPop Mondays: 2NE1 in Albay!

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Just a couple of days ago... 2NE1 paid a visit to my hometown!!!

Mayon Volcano, the world's almost perfect shaped volacano.
Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines.
Of all the places... my hometown!!!!
I don't mean to brag but its a place full of beaches and our place is boomin' for tourism!

Unfortunately, I wasn't around to see them... which killed me!
I was there for four years for university and when it was when I was away... they decide to come over!
It's craaaaazzzyyyyyy!!!

When they came over from Manila only a handful of people knew about their arrival.

The video was taken by one of my facebook friends, Louise! :D
Its kinda sad though... everyone, but Dara, was a little snobbish.
I would have totally been there screaming my butt off with them since I lived close enough to the airport!

They stayed at Misibis Bay Resort at Cagraray Island.

I'm not surprised that they picked Misibis out of all places...
It's the untouched and uncrowded Boracay in our little part of the Philippines!
Definitely a great place to get their vacation on without the crazy crowds!

Then they set out for Santo Domingo, Albay, Philippines.

The vehicle you see behind them is one of the main transportation in the Philippines.. its called a Jeepney.
It feels surreal to see them in Santo Domingo posing around like that...
makes you think.. What are you doing here?!!!! XD

After that... they proceeded to Daraga, Albay and caused a scene!
It's sooo crazy how I've been to the shops in those pictures...
Those streets they were walking on is a major road which they pretty much closed down by just being there!

I was pushing my mom to let me watch there concert in Manila last year for my birthday... and buy the most expensive ticket there was just to see them. It never happened because I went back home earlier than planned. So it is INSANE how the Albayanos got to stalk them for a couple of days for free!!!!

So, how do I feel about this??
If you read my tweets, you'd probably know
I was literally dying when I read tweets on them arriving to my hometown!

Anwyays, to make myself feel better I heard from a reliable source that they shall return to Albay and see the Butandings (Whale Sharks) later this year! I'm crossing my fingers because I might be returning to the Philippines and hopefully I might see them! I've actually seen/touched those whale sharks last year.. but I don't mind seeing them again with 2NE1!!!

2NE1 pictures taken from Jose Salceda's Facebook: 

Mayon Volcano picture taken from: 

Thank you 2NE1 for choosing Albay!

Catch you later!

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  1. Wow..that's crazy! I guess some days some people just get lucky! Congratulations to those Albayanos! Haha!

    1. I know right?! Too bad I wasn't there to stalk them as well! HAHA XD

  2. such a beautiful place!! Wow !


Thanks for the love! <3