Giraffe Duffel Bag Review + Giveaway (CLOSED)!

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Hey guys!
I was offered a chance to receive a gift certificate to review any product from awhile back... it took me awhile to place an order and do this post but here it is now! Yayyy! Anyways, is an online shopping site that caters to your every need for anything related to travel. This was an exciting oppurtunity for me because drumroll please!... I might be returning to the motherland, Philippines, soon! HURRAH! So this was indeed an exciting opportunity for me to work with what I need! TEEHEE!

After contemplating on what to get for a long time, 
I've decided to pick this item from their store... Giraffe Print Weekender Duffel Bag.

In selecting this item, I kept in mind the following:
  • I prefer big bags. I'm a girl scout, okay?! Haha.
  • I love bringing a lot of things in my carry-on purse for my international flights. Laptop & etc.
  • I like funky/cute designs.
  • I'd like the item to be able to be my main bag when I go on mini trips to the beach, a weekend getaway, or can also be utilized as a gym bag. 

What the bag looks like...
 By the way... meet my stuffed animals Bunny (Rabbit) & Creamy (Bear)! 
You'll be seeing more of them later! XD

What I like:
  • It's very big! YAY!
  • The cloth of the bag and handles are thick enough for it not to tear easily... I've used bags from the Philippines as a carry-on purse that was slightly thinner but did fine!
  • The pockets are huge!
  • Definitely a funky design that I like. Somewhat reminds me of Le Sport Sac bags which I adore!
  • Big enough to be my beach bag or weekend trip bag (DUH! XD)
  • Has the option to be a shoulder or body bag. Comes with an extra strap (not in my photos).
  • The bottom is supported by a thin board to keep the bag from drooping. 
  • Exterior cloth of the bag as a texture that will keep your bag from getting dirty.
  • Interior cloth is smooth.
  • Stitching and zippers are good quality... I have no fear of ripping it off anytime soon. :D
  • Has "leg support" under the bag to keep it from fully touching the surface in which it stands. (sorry! I don't know what those things are called! :x)
  • I love the shape of the bag!
  • Not a bad price for this cute duffel bag ($19.95)

What I don't like:
  • No pockets inside! You need to use mini bags or  a purse organizer (which I already own!) to keep your small stuff from rolling about as you travel or simply move.
  • I don't like the tag that is sewn in front of the bag.
  • I wish the board at the bottom was thicker... but I'm quite happy that there is one anyways!
  • Needs more "leg support" when I decided to bombard it with a ton of heavy stuff.

Final thoughts:
I love it! I think it will do its job well even in accompanying me on my international flights, beach and weekend trips with friends in the near future! And I love how it is unique because I haven't seen any duffel bags this cute before!

My sister suggested I tie a pretty scarf on it to give it a more "expensive feel" to it... In any case, I think the bag reflects how youthful I'd like people to think I am! LOL.
By the way, the shop is very prompt about receiving, confirming, and updating you on your order. I placed the order on this bag early in the morning and just a few hours later it was shipped off to me! I had it go priority shipping so it arrived after two days. I definitely love their prompt service. Thumbs up! 
Up Close view!

Can't wait to pack up and go to the Philippines, already! I'm so excited by just the thought of chilling with my friends once again and partying it up! HAHA. I plan on sharing with you all what I bring with me since I've done international travel many times before... I might just be able to help those who may do 12 hour flights in the future! Teehee.

Anyways, to the exciting part of this post... the Giveaway! Yay!
Join for a chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate from!
Giveaway Rules:
  1. Must be a follower of my blog.
  2. Must like this blog post (Click the Facebook like button at the bottom of this post).
  3. Must reside in  the U.S. only! (Sorry guys! I didn't make this rule...)
  4. Must be 16 years old and up with parents' permission to join this contest if under 18.
  5. Must have a valid email address. The winner will be emailed the Gift Certificate code. (Note: Winner must check his/her spam frequently after being notified in case the email from might be sent there!)
a Rafflecopter giveaway


You guys may want to check out their on going promotion of luggage scales and electrical adaptors. Seriously, after traveling so much from here to the Philippines and back... those stuff aren't crazy at all! In fact, I've been eying their Dual Voltage Worldwide Travel Clothes Steamer but I didn't have enough credits to purchase that. I'm weird right? LOL. It will definitely save me time from ironing clothes where it matters most (the Philippines!). HAHA. Seriously! :D

A Happy Hearts Day Everyone!


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  1. Great giveaway! Everything on is wonderful!
    I guess the Large Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Sleeve would be my choice...
    But I also need something like a hanging toiletry case, I'll have to think about it :) It's hard to choose!
    The Leopard Print Laptop Bag (in beige) is amazing but I'd need to save some money before I could actually afford it :)
    Your bag is also lovely and I definitely could use one too!

    1. Thank you for joining the giveaway!
      I know it was hard for me to choose, as well!
      And thanks.. I like my bag very much!

      Good luck! <3

    2. Oh gosh, how could I not see that? It's, like, in capital letters!
      I'm sorry, I don't know if you can delete my entries, if you have to wait until the end of the giveaway or something... but yeah, I'm not a US resident :(
      It's a pity cause I actually love their products!
      If that helps you remove me from the giveaway, I log in to Rafflecopter as Giulia M.
      Better luck next time :)

    3. Oh too bad! I'll figure it out... haha :)

  2. I loooooooooooooove which one you chose!!! So sad I can't enter there are a few things I really like. ^^

    1. Thank you! and sorry! It would be nice if they had it open internationally! :(

  3. Where in the website do we comment I'm confused lol! Can u share the link? Thanks! ^_^

  4. Haha oh ok! Lol I'm such a dork!

    But if I were to win I would probably get the same thing you got only because it seems to be roomy and when we travel.with the kids I can put everything in one.bag! ^_^

    1. LOL It's fine, Mary!

      Good choice! Thanks for entering! <3


Thanks for the love! <3