KPop Mondays: Big Bang is Alive!

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Big Bang: Alive.

Big Bang is coming back with their new album, Alive, soon! 
Let me take the time to spam ya'll with some Big Bang goodness!

 Get your oxygen masks ready... they'll suck out all the air with their sexyness! :D

Individual concept pictures (in order). 
T.O.P, Daesung, Taeyang, Seungri, & G-Dragon.

All together now!
President YG promised the public that the members will undergo a huge change for their new album...
What do you think???

For me...
T.O.P resembles G-Dragon but still looks yummy to eat!
I must say Daesung looks pretty darn hot! XD
Taeyang looks sexy with his inked body!
Seungri and his abs! :D
And G-Dragon... his hair remind of that movie Edward Scissorhands for some reason. O.o

The group also had some shots in Vogue Korea!

Oh my!
Daesung & Seungri are freakin' hawtttt! XD
Too bad they get beat up in the end :P

Blackeyes, blood, and crutches??? 
Pretty funny though! :P

Can't wait till they promote because I've missed them like heck!
They will be touring the world soon... I hope to see them in the flesh by then! XD



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  1. i do think that seungri looks a lot like song seung hun in those pix!! At first glance, I thought that was SSH!! excited to see them back..=) thanks for sharing..^_^~

    1. Janet! You're a Big Bang fan, too??! Awesome!!!! Welcome! <3

  2. They definitely look different! I really like the hair change.


Thanks for the love! <3