Sephora Perfecting Cover Concealer.

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Sephora Perfecting Cover Concealer.

What it is:
A longwearing, high-payoff concealer. This highly pigmented concealer is ideal for hiding dark circles or any other skin imperfections. With a shade for every skin tone, its waterproof, oil-free formulation goes on weightlessly and smoothly, creating flawless, non-cakey coverage that lasts all day long.

0.5 oz or 15ml. $16.
Product description taken from here.

Sephora Perfecting Cover Concealer in Medium Beige.

What I like:
  • More product and more affordable than the travel size Amazing Cosmetics Concealer.
  • Very light on the skin.
  • Lasts all day.
  • Good for my dark under eye circles.
  • An awesome partner to my Luview Whitening Capsule BB Cream. It's almost like it is literally erasing most of my imperfections when used over the bb cream.

What I don't like:
  • Coverage is only medium in comparison to the Amazing Cosmetics Concealer. The severe imperfections are still slightly visible.
  • It has a dry finish and may show dry patches.
  • Needs more than one layer for complete coverage when used without bb cream.

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer vs. Sephora Perfecting Cover Concealer.

What I think:
I really love this concealer for when I use my BB cream! The one I got is a perfect color match to my bb cream and it finishes the job in covering my imperfections which the Luview Whitening Capsule BB Cream failed to cover. But used on it own, it doesn't provide the best coverage especially when I have major breakouts. While this may not be Holy Grail material on its own, this is fine in my case because I have a lot of bb creams to use up and the cost isn't as crazy as a small tube of the Amazing Cosmetics Concealer.

I'm trying to find a good concealer from drugstores but I'm not so lucky so far... I'm thinking of making a post on those stuff later.

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  1. I gonna try this concealer! ^^

    I have real trouble dark circles ><

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    Awesome blog ;p anyway, If you have time, please do check out my blog and Join my birthday giveaway :) Thanks a bunch!

  3. I wanted to try this out actually, another blogger reviewed it a while ago and gave it a good review too.


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