KPOP Mondays: Lee Hi's Rose.

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Leehi continues promotions with her song Rose!
If you haven't seen the video yet, you can already tell that they've really put an effort on this video! The theme embodies Spring beauty but dramatized in contrast with the thorns and the war. YG maknae's "expressionlessness" was put to good use for the mv. But she definitely seems to be more comfortable than she first started out! 

Take a look at the eyeshadow and the lippie!
Actually, everything about is Spring! LOL.
And I can't get over her pretty contact lenses and outfits, too!

Watch her MV here!

This such a relaxing song.. a little sad but I love how they contrasted it with the bright theme.

"Every rose has its thorns..."

Do you like her new song?
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