KPop Mondays: The First Annual KPOP Cover AX Dance Competition!

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So last July 4 weekend, instead of celebrating America's Independence Day. My sister and I were at the largest Anime Convention of the USA, Anime Expo at the humongous Los Angeles Convention Center! Yes, it was a big convention of anime lovers (aka dorks like me)... but what was funny though that they had a KPOP DANCE COVER CONTEST, too! A KPOP competition in an anime convention??? Funny but we signed up for it anyways!

Here's our performance!

The event turned out to be bigger than we expected and to think there are so many KPOP lovers and they gathered to this event either to compete or watch! My sister had a great time dancing for the wonderful audience! Yup, they were very welcoming that despite our imperfect routine (with only 10 mins of practice prior to actually being called to dance) that we felt like we were "home". Gabby and I actually got into this hip-hop dance crew and were having a hard time keeping up that this competition made us at ease, like we belonged somewhere! LOL. No, we didn't win and we didn't expect to. We just wanted to dance and show our love for KPOP!

By the way, @KCONUSA instagramed a picture of us while were up! Loooook! HAHA. I only found out a week after the event because my sister's friend (also a KPOP fanatic) was following them and found us... I suddenly found the notification that led me to this! Yeee! Oh, KCON is another convention/concert coming up in August but for everything KPOP! And we just got tickets for that! Teen Top, EXO, F(x), Bekah (former After School member), Danny Im (my love from 1TYM), and my dance idol Aimee Lee Lucas will be there! Nyuuu! I can't wait! And yes, I shall be dancing once again! Yeayuh!

Asides from the instagram post, I found that someone included us in their montage of the event, as well!
When you find us, you can tell how happy my sister is dancing... yeah! stress relief from all our dance crew stuff (I'll blog about it later)... dancing to what we love! TEEHEE.

By the way, in order to get into the competition it was was required of us to submit a video dancing to KPOP... this was our submission!
I chose to dance this despite my weakness to "cutesy" dancing. My sister on the other hand, has a natural gift for this type. I decided to go with this to commemorate our love for the Wonder Girls... if they still exist because their super awesome leader, Sunye, has gone on to get married and is now pregnant! Well, as long as she's happy right?! HAHA. So yeah, we loved this song ever since and only decided to make a partial cover to it 5 years later... LOL.

I'm being very active in dancing lately and I promise to blog more about my ventures but if you want to stay updated on what the "fancy footwork" I'm on... check out my dance channel!

Once again, thanks to the people who cheered for us at the event!
Gabby's friend, Suzzen, was the only one there with us and yet everyone in the audience made us feel so happy!

Thanks for reading!

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