CLUB LOLLIPOP | J-Pop Summit Festival 2014 "ODOTTEMITA" Dance Contest

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CLUB LOLLIPOP | J-Pop Summit Festival 2014 "ODOTTEMITA" Dance Contest
We won second place at the J-Pop Summit Festival 2014 "ODOTTEMITA" Dance Contest!

   Out of seven, we were supposedly six girls dancing. But merely hours before leaving for San Francisco, Dioselene backed out because of knee pain. Two of our dancers, Maricruz and Maggie, were already in Japan Town. So, we couldn't practice altogether. And finally, minutes before getting up on stage... my dancers and I were practicing backstage for our new formations! Also, we were unfortunate to not practice on the stage prior to the contest, so we weren't familiar to it until our turn. We made it work somehow and kept it together! Yay!

   We were judged by the Japanese teen idol group, Tokyo Girls' Style. My sister made cookies for them, so each of them got a bag from each of us. They were thankful and wanted a picture with us! After that, we saw them everywhere! They would wave at us, greet us, and even cheered us on for the J-Pop Idol contest the next day! Wheeee! They were so sweet and friendly! I was even called "kawaii"! Whooo!

Here's our performance!

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