Birthday Wishlist 2014.

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  I can't believe it's almost that time of the year again. I certainly dread aging! Gone are the carefree days I once thought would last forever. Man, was I wrong. Oh well, the upside is that I get to make this list for myself! Nope, I don't expect to receive most (or any) of these things I have listed down. But I simply want to impart to everyone what a 23 year old would like when she turns a year older. Plus, this list is like a self-motivating post to work hard and purchase it myself one day, ha! Let's see. Anyways, on to my wishlist!

The Beauty Edition

Lorac Pro and Nars Narsissist Palettes
Both are high-end neutral palettes that can offer you everyday, work and even school looks. It also offers you dramatic looks for partying all night long. I already have the Urban Decay Naked Palette and love it. But, I've heard that the Lorac Pro Palette is the better "bang for your buck" due to the numerous color selection of matte and shimmery eyeshadows. Knowing that, I just felt like adding this to my collection someday. As for the Nars Narsissist Palette, I simply must have it because it is Nars. Ha!

Dr. Jart Silver Label Rejuvinating Blemish Base and Elisha Coy Triple BB Creams
Of all my time in blogging, these are the top Asian BB creams I have been hearing about for their coverage and skin-aiding properties. They're either difficult to find or a bit pricey, but I intend to acquire them. By the way, most American BB creams are failures and if you were looking for one, stick to Korean or Japanese made BB creams.

Curious by Britney Spears (perfume)
I have only recently acquired the Fantasy perfume and it is as sweet as I imagined it to be. I've initially only had perfumes from The Doft (from the Philippines) "inspired" by the original Britney S. perfumes and I fell in love with her line! It's a good thing they were great replicas, too, because my new scent love has pushed me to wanting to own everything Britney Spears scent related!

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder
Famous with Kim Kardashian's patronage, this powder has been hyped up the past years. This finely milled yellow powder can supposedly set your makeup wonderfully and brighten up your complexion. Yes, I must have it.

MAC Cosmetics Painterly Painpot and Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle
What beauty blogger or youtube beauty guru doesn't have these? I've seen a lot collections and tutorials that features these babies. I already have my share of a painpot and two MSFs, but I never got myself to get these two... but I will soon.

Sigma Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit (brushes)
I don't own a complete set of brushes, myself. I know! I only have a few here and there... so I now resolve to own one! The Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit by Sigma popped in my head when I thought of brushes. It's got fluffy brushes, comes in a pretty color combo, and has it's own container. This retails for a whopping $80 and I know I can purchase a more affordable inspired set somewhere. But this serves as the model of what brush set I wish to acquire.

Chi Hair Straightener
My sister bought a generic brand of the Chi straightener a few years back and served us well. Now, that it has come to its dying out phase, I wish to have another great quality hair straightener. If anyone knows of another brand that comes close to Chi, please go on and recommend it to me.

Coastal Scents Eclipse Concealer Palette
I've seen numerous cosmetic companies launch their own concealer palette and I just wish I could own one! It may seem a bit excessive for a normal girl to own one, but I've been actually busy doing other people's makeup this summer and having this may have helped in perfecting their face makeup. Plus, I just want a concealer palette, haha!

The Gadget Edition

Samsung Galaxy Tab S
Yes, my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and my iPod iTouch Gen. 5 are not enough. I like watching youtube and tons of videos, but both screens are just too small. My sister owns an iPad and it seems great having that of a big screen without worrying about the bulkiness of a laptop. Plus, it has a lot of other functions other than watching videos like keeping up with my social networks and reading blogs!

Skullcandy Hesh 2 (white headphones)
Last year, my parents were about to get me some Beats headphones, but I had nothing to use it on back then! Now, I edit videos on the computer and watch videos non-stop on my iTouch. I need headphones and I like this one's style. White is so happening for me right now!

HP Envy TouchSmart 17.3"
During my nursing days, I have owned two really big laptops which helped me picture and video edit, mix music, type up endless papers, watch movies, and surf the net. Now, I can't do those heavy jobs without the desktop I share with my family at home. I resorted to reviving this small Acer notebook everyone gave up on just to have SOMETHING to blog with. This can barely edit pictures at times and other light tasks, but it really is too small and crashes every now and then. I looked up BestBuy for their biggest one, as of today. This one has a ton of space, big screen, Beats speakers, and it is touch screen. I really wish to have a big and functional laptop to myself soon.

And four cameras???
Fujifilm Instax Mini 8
I probably should have picked a white one for the picture above, because I've realized I'm back to liking white and silver. Anyways, who doesn't want instant pictures? This was in my wishlist last year and has yet to be fulfilled.

Blackmagic Pocket Camera
One of my favorite lifestyle blogger, Patty Laurel, just shared this in a recent blog post and I was sold. Her husband is a videographer and video editor (which I aspire to be) who uses this baby for both leisure and work. The size is like a normal camera, but the quality looks amazing. I love to vlog (which I returned to doing after a long hiatus) and recently used my Nikon D5000 for Anime Expo and J-Pop Summit. It killed my arms. Now, I'm looking for a small sized camera with great quality, like this one possibly.

GoPro Hero 3
Another returnee to my wishlist! A super small camera you can use like a ninja or take with you anywhere and however you like. EatYourKimchi, uses this with ease when they do their food adventures and I can see why. It is discreet and not such a hassle to carry around. I also want to take action videos when I snowboard and jump off a cliff! Haha.

Samsung NX300M 20.3MP Smart Camera w/ 18-55 Lens
My favorite videographer, Cristina Visue, initially used the Sony NEX 3N for her on-the-go dslr alternative. How did I come to this camera? It must be Dara from 2NE1's ad a few years back and it was similar to Cristina's camera. As I said, it killed me to lug around my Nikon D5000. I am in need of something travel-friendly for pictures and videos. Now I think about it, I would only get this or the Blackmagic Pocket Camera... and not both! This retails for about $700 and the Blackmagic cam is $1000! Wah!

     These were the first "few" things that popped up in my head when I started thinking of a wishlist... and I just realized I have more to add, but I'll save it for the next one. I have nothing for fashion because nothing is really catching my attention to make me want it so bad. Anyhoo, my birthday is exactly ONE WEEK from now and I'm not really looking forward to it. I feel like going to the beach to tan or jumping off a cliff again, though. Ha!

Thanks for reading!

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