JPop Saturdays: CHUBBINESS

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Chubbiness / マンマデイーヤ!

There's a Jpop idol girl group that recently made their debut and they're called CHUBBINESS.
This girl group concept involves having fat "larger" girls take the stage as dictated by their name.

Watch their MV debut here:

"Chubbiness / マンマデイーヤ!" by avexnetwork.

What I don't like:
  • Focusing so much on their "fatness". When they point out the extra baggage on their arm or something.
  • Fat = eating all the time? What if you just have a slower metabolism?
  • Bad fashion choices. Arm/shoulder cuts are weird, hence making their arms appear bigger.
  • Bad haircuts. Hence making their faces appear larger.

What I like:
  • Beautiful voices.
  • Cute song and mv.
  • Fierce dance skills and cool choreography.
  • Natural and awesome star power!

      I like the fact that they're at least trying to bring in fat larger girls into the world of entertainment. But I dislike their concept so much!  Japan and the rest of the world should know that how "large" you are doesn't determine your ability to entertain! I mean, can't you just let a girl do her thing without pointing out her "flaws"? It's almost like the company is highlighting that their uniqueness is a an abnormality.

     I'm a dancer whose weight yo-yos depending on how stressed I am. And I've had my share of being told that people were surprised to see me dance and do martial arts even if I was "big". The funny part was that, I was told that when I was in my skinnier (extremely fit and buffed out from being a Taekwondo player) years. Well, what do you expect in a country who think starving is cool, because they actually are. These girls should market their skills in dancing, singing, and performing! Not how fat they are. And the thing is, they aren't even fat or chubby! They look perfectly normal and give them the right outfit & haircut that suits them, they would look even more spectacular! 

     I've see a video on a girl who left the Jpop Idol Dance Community because she didn't fit the stereotype of being a girl in the Jpop Idol Dance Community. Well, I took my group, Club Lollipop, to Anime Expo 2014 and J-Pop Summit Festival 2014 to compete in the dance contests. Guess what?? We won! The awesome part is that we were complimented by strangers and the judges, themselves! The funny part is, more than half of us are larger than the said norm of a perceived "perfect performer". Personally, I believe that it isn't about your size, but it's all about how you work it on stage. And I push my girls and everyone I teach, to rock and work it really hard!

Final Thoughts:
     I love the group, but not the concept.
Most of the aren't even "large".
These girls are great, but should drop the insecurities/issues concept and just perform like the idols they are!
Chubbiness / マンマデイーヤ!
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