KPOP MONDAYS: HyoYeon + Ki Hong Lee

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Guess who's birthday it is today??!
And guess who I'm crushing on at the moment! Is it a Kpop idol-turned-American movie star??!

HyoYeon (@watasiwahyo)
My dance idol, Hyo Yeon, just turned another year older today! Cheers to this lovely, sexy, and beautiful lady! Wishing her the best always! You can still wish her a happy birthday because it's still her birthday here in the US! ^^

Have you seen the new movie, Maze Runner? I did just the other day!
The Maze Runner Movie (@mazerunnermovie)
The Maze Runner Movie (@mazerunnermovie)
The Maze Runner Movie (@mazerunnermovie)
Oh la la! My friends and I were drooling over on of the characters... can you guess who?!

The Maze Runner Movie (@mazerunnermovie) | Ki Hong Lee as "Minho"
It's Ki Hong Lee who played "Minho"!
This 27-year old was featured in Victorious and in youtube productions by WongFu Productions.
He is tall, well-built, and has that natural Korean(-American) look... small eyes & unedited like Kpop Stars... definitely my type! Wahaha!

But what is this talk about him being a Kpop Star??

I just followed him on twitter yesterday & found this:
Rotten Tomatoes mistook him as the Kpop Star/Actor, Hongki! I particularly remeber him as the cutie from the KDrama, "You're Beautiful"! Pretty funny tho, huh? Well, it makes him more relevant in my K-Pop post! :P

The Maze Runner Movie is based on novels, which I actually have in my iPod and have yet to read. I loved this exhilarating movie and Mr. Ki Hong Lee just happen to make the experience even better! I highly recommend for you to watch, too! ^^
Thanks for reading!

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