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   So for the 2014 Fall Semester, I have officially let go of the title as President in my college dance club. I did that to give the new generation a feel of ruling the empire I created, haha. Well, since I'm still around and the fact that I make the dances... I retained the titled as "Director". Basically, I still call the shots for the direction of the club without all the paperwork/meetings (although the school still sees me in that leader position and I still do those things anyways, HA!). I get to (or should) only focus on the dancing. Asides from that, after a year of running the club, I'm so done with people who come and go. It's really hard teaching people. It's even harder re-teaching people just to catch up with the main group. The upside of going through that year of hard work is finding people who'll stay for good, the OLDIES! Now, we decided to make Fridays as "Open Rehearsals" wherein new choreo will be taught to newbies & oldies... meaning, I need to be making a new dance every week! Wah! Let's hope I keep up with this project! LOL.

   So this was just last week Friday (Sept. 26, 2014) was the second open rehearsal and I taught my fastest made on-the-spot choreography. I taught this beforehand to the oldies. I made it right after stretching! I've been in a prolonged state of Choreographer's block before that. So it was a great surprise I made that in a matter of minutes! And I picked this song because I fell in love with it after watching The Survey Corps Dance Crew's performance in Anime Expo 2014. I'm tempted to copy them, but I wanted to make my own and challenge myself. So yeah, I taught a small part of it to everyone in the second open rehearsal. It turns out, my choreo is in an intermediate level... and I need to start creating easier dances for the non-dancers. Our club is open to all skill levels and I rather see everyone catch up all at once. 

The video consists of me actually teaching the first moves at the beginning. I really don't have videos of me doing that, so I'm quite happy my cousin, Cyril, got a good shot! Then we go to dancing the choreo... freestyle... then me grabbing a chair & a girl... it's her birthday! That's how we roll! LOL! Watch the video to see what I'm talking about! Hehe!

Watch out for a full length choreo & MV soon!
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