KPOP Mondays: Aimee Lee Lucas' New Site + Clothing Line

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Hey guys!
So this may seem like a fan girl post (actually that's what all my Kpop Mondays posts are about), but I'm so pumped up to talk about one of my dance idols again! No, she's not a Kpop star (she might as well be though). But she has directly worked with stars like Big Bang, Taeyang, G-Dragon and 2NE1 as a choreographer and a dancer! Yup, she's that awesome! And right now, Aimee Lee Lucas launched her new and stunning website! Woot! Woot!

Along side to that, she also released her new clothing line!
 Here's my top 5 picks:
Official Aimee Lee Lucas Merchandise
 Drool-worthy for dancers and k-popers like me! :D
I'm especially excited to get my hands on her "ALL Good" sweater n_n

   I started fan-girling over her when Big Bang's song, Number One, came out. That was the time she was the main lady for the whole group and did justice to the definition of "super sexy". The first time I met her was at Big Bang's concert in LA back in 2012. Last year, I attended her class in San Jose (I was more interested in fangirling over her than learning XD), saw her at KCON 2013 (I even got a "Dance ALL Day" shirt!), and met her again at Taeyang's concert in San Francisco. She is so full of life and so approachable! Personally, KPOP has a big influence in my life as a dancer & performer. Being able to meet someone who is so talented, inspiring, and was able to work with the stars I look up to makes me feel hopeful and reminds me to keep dancing all day long

Check out her site:

Thanks for reading!

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