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BEE | GUY SEBASTIAN's WHO'S THAT GIRL (short choreo) ~HCDC uploaded by kyoote.

The third installment of the Hartnell College Dance Club's Open Rehearsal for the Fall 2014 Semester.
Guy Sebastian's WHO'S THAT GIRL Choreography by Bee. | @beekyoote
...with Jimmy & Maggie.
     So I made a short choreography to Guy Sebastian's song, "Who's that Girl". Guy S. is an Australian artist who made his break in America with his collab with Lupe Fiasco in their song "Battle Scars". From where I am at the moment, his songs hasn't made waves... so everyone who heard this song at the open rehearsal has never heard of this. How did I know about this song? Back in 2012, I was in the Philippines for vacation and this song was a hit! I thought it was catchy and that one day I would make choreo to this. Finally, last October 3, I was able unveil this to the world by teaching my quickly-made dance!

The newcomers. So many!
     After teaching my Talk Dirty choreo, I decided to teach a more simple dance everyone, even our newbies at open rehearsals, can catch on. And I did make a good choice! It was nice seeing a big percentage of the group keep up!

     The first video in this post shows me teaching the dance during open rehearsal. The second and third part of that video is after open rehearsals, when I perform the dance solo and with the "Twerk Team" of the club, haha! We were just having fun... TEEHEE. The second video features the past dances we learned for Open Rehearsals and how everyone kept up for this choreo. Watch it down below!

HCDC FALL 2014 Open Rehearsal #3 {Oct 3, 2014} | Guy Sebastian WHO'S THAT GIRL ~ @beekyoote uploaded by Hartnell Dance Club

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