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【放送事故】 AKB48 おっぱい揉まれまくり祭がヤバイ 名取稚菜 SKE48 NMB48 HKT48 乃木坂46  uploaded by mizu koko

Here's an interesting video that might make you jump! :P
Minami Mingeshi & boobs!
OMG. Mi-chan! So cute... and crazy! XD

The jist of the video & this whole post...
Well, isn't she adorable? LOL!
Glad to see her slowly rising up. With so many of the original top AKB48 members/favorites gone, it's nice to see her coming back in to the spotlight after her scandal/demotion. She has the charm and talent, there's no denying that! 

I have to mention that AKB48 has their way of tickling/teasing their fans. A good combo of cutesy/innocent mixed with provocative concepts. Oh Japanese idols, are soooo interesting. I love it! ^^

If I get my Japanese right, they mention the beautiful Haruna Kojima because she is best in the "gravure" shots.... because she has the best body.
Haruna Kojima
She was the member who modeled for the official Sailor Moon lingerie!

If you continue watching, the rank they rest of the best boobage of the whole AKB48 according to their own members! Definitely entertaining to watch! Haha.
Thanks for reading!

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