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The other Tuesday, October 28, I headed all the way down to LA just to attend a party!
You needed to email them to maybe score an invite to go. I know this all too well because a bunch of my friends emailed for one but not all of us got an invite in the end. So, I'm happy to say I scored a chance to attend this exclusive and rare party!

This is me at the Santa Monica Pier... trying to figure out how to use the dslr. I usually can manage when it is all about product shots, but it's a hit or miss when I film or shoot outside. I know. I'm working on it!

My OOTD with cat ears!

We had some burgers right before the party at Pier Burger. It's quite yummy!

My dates for the night, Maricruz & Gabby. Gabby was the  one who found out about the event and urged my friends and I to try to get invites. Most of us were able to grab a slot for the party, but Maricruz was the only other person who could come with us.

J-MELO LA PARTY  | Rusty's Surf Shack
The venue for tonight's affair. It's somewhat small, but perfect for an intimate gathering.

J-MELO LA PARTY | Rusty's Surf Shack
Our turn to get in!

The set-up for the show.

My lovely ladies & I.

J-MELO LA PARTY | Ai Takahashi of Morning Musume & Taku Takahashi of m-flo
The guests of honor, Ai Takahashi (former leader of Morning Musume) & Taku Takahashi of m-flo!
They were wonderful picks as guests & performers!

My detailed thoughts of this event will be posted up (hopefully soon!) on VisualKeiHeaven.us! Right after my friends signed up, VKH urged me to cover the event. So, my report on that should be up sometime soon.
J-MELO LA PARTY | Greg Hignight of Tune in Tokyo
We were able to talk to Greg Hignight after the show to compliment on his dj skills. He opened up for Aichan & DJ Taku that night. I totally spaced out on introducing myself as a blogger. Oh, well. :(

After the show with one of my favorite poses!

     Overall, this was a nice event. My friends and I travelled 5 hours down to attend this event and went home right after. Despite all that travelling, it was worth going down there! Although, I hoped that the audience memvbers would have put more of an effort to look like they're going to a special/rare event like this. And that those who dressed up festively (i.e. cosplayers, wota) lived up to the "lively-ness" their get-up. Any hoo, it was a nice evening with awesome music. But do watch out for my detailed report on this event and even a vlog soon!

Thanks for reading!

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