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Wu Yi Fan aka Kris (Former EXO-M) for "Somewhere Only We Know"
We all know that Kris left EXO earlier this year. And although he has been busy acting in China, it was only on recently that he released a single! Yes! You heard it right! He dropped "There is a Place" on his 24th birthday, last November 6!

Listen to it here!

     Truthfully, I've only come to like EXO when I saw the at KCON 2013. That was when I saw a tall blonde guy who was fanboying really hard over G-Dragon from backstage. And I may have initially liked Kai first, but Kris stole my heart! Sadly right when I fell in deep for him, he left the group. And right when the news broke out, I couldn't bear listening to any EXO song, even the newly released "Overdose", at that time. But, as heartbreaking as it is, I support what career decisions he has to make. And I am just so glad that he is back in the music scene. Any hoo, it's weird bringing this up on KPop Mondays, when this song is obviously C-Pop (Chinese Pop). But since he started out with KPop, why not?! LOL. By the way, I loooooove his song! It's so relaxing! I'm glad to be able to hear his voice again! It's actually for his new film which will come out next year. I'm glad that he'll be able to pursue both his passions, which is film and music. No more holding him back (ahem! SM! LOL)! 

Let me share with you his beauty during his birthday!
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Wu Yi Fan aka Kris (Former EXO-M)
Wu Yi Fan aka Kris (Former EXO-M)
Wu Yi Fan aka Kris (Former EXO-M)
Wu Yi Fan aka Kris (Former EXO-M)
Wu Yi Fan aka Kris (Former EXO-M)
Doesn't he look gorgeous?! He looks so good in leather pants, too! Wah! 
I can't wait for more tracks from him. Hopefully he could release some hip-hop tracks also.

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