CLUB LOLLIPOP @ Sac Anime Winter 2015

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CLUB LOLLIPOP @ Sac Anime Winter 2015 uploaded by kyoote

So on the second day of the year, we went up to the Capitol of California to perform in Sac Anime's first ever (and may be last) Jpop-Kpop Dance Showcase!

CLUB LOLLIPOP @ Sac Anime Winter 2015's Jpop-Kpop Dance Showcase
     It was a small event with only 6 performances that signed up. And it seems that most people only knew K-POP... specifically, the latest of K-POP. Maybe if it were the Masquerade Ball, the crowd would have been more exposed to J-POP. But among the two for this show, K-POP took over. 

     Anyways, they said that this would may be the first & last event they would hold because they had no idea how it would turn out. It was held in a decent sized room for a small event, which they predicted would suffice. The sound system wasn't very loud and the lights were extremely blinding! I must have challenged my eyes, I felt like I kept staring into the bright spotlight. But of course, whatever was there, we worked with. In the end, the event had an overflowing audience! People were sitting on the floors from wall to wall, squeezing into the room. Well, once you say "KPOP DANCE SHOWCASE", there is sure to be a crowd! I'm not sure if they're holding one next year because I read that the event is only exclusive for the Winter season of Sac Anime.

     As for Club Lollipop, we only decided to go all the way to Sac Anime two weeks before the event! We came to perform for the showcase! Everything was last minute, but we pulled through! Only three of us (Gabby, Mari & I) could go, but that's the beauty of our group... we stay flexible! LOL. Anyways, we had fun performing! Because our group loves both Kpop & Jpop, we did a mix of the two with AKB48's Beginner & Lee Hyori's Anyclub! And so many came up to us to compliment our performance! From our age group to even moms! The feeling when people take the effort to stop you and say how they enjoyed what we had to offer? Feels amazing! So thank you everyone who came up to us! We are thankful and it was our pleasure to entertain you! Teehee ^^

Club Lollipop is now with your reach!  Follow us in our new social accounts:

I will be posting up a blog post on how we spent out time in Sac Anime with a vlog soon! ^^
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