What I got for Christmas 2014.

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Well, this is unusual... it seems that I have quite a haul just this past Christmas! And I have a big feeling my family/friends have caught on that I am a "beauty enthusiast" (aka makeup junkie). Read on to see what I have received over the holiday and the newest additions to my growing army! :D
My cousins and I had a secret santa event and Carmela picked me. She was generous to give my three Lush products... and a Starbucks card. So much pampering with a cup o' fancy coffee in the future, I see.

My older cousin gifted me with a pretty pink Nike duffel bag along with this eye shadow palette which looks like a great starter kit!

Carmela's dad went ahead and got everyone gifts too! And these Estee' Lauder lipglosses look delicious! I heard that Estee' own MAC Cosmetics, therefore has better quality products compared to the much covetted MAC. I look forward to using half of these (the other half goes to my younger sis).

My dance club babies and I had our own gift exchange event and Ron, the guy who picked me, played it safe and got me a Macy's gift card. I'm glad he did because I can go get some new MAC stuff at my local Macy's with this card. Yay!

     My mum surprised me by telling me I can have this for myself prior to writing up this post. Seriously... a freaking huge Lancome makeup bag with Lancome goodies. She's feeding the makeup hoarder in me, my goodness! At first I was hesitant to take it, because I'm quite the bargain shopper and think that this is too expensive. But, at the same time, ever since I've seen Michelle Phan collab videos with Lancome, I've had a secret desire to covet the brand one day. But hey, only you can say how much you're worth. So, I shall fully accept this gift! I love how my mum thinks that this help carry my overflowing stash, though.

     I don't know if I got my priorities straight here, but this is what I'm so pumped up for! Thank you to Santa Darling (LOL XD) for sending me this because I lost my original Urban Decay Naked Palette! UD seems to be life right now because almost everything they put out rocks. I'm thinking of getting my hands on the original palette and the Naked2 someday. I heard that the Naked2 is better than the original one... that must be amazing because I totally loved the orginal one! 

I see so much red in this post... must be some ocassion huh? LOL!
That's it for my Xmas haul...aside from a scarf from my aunt (I used it on New Year's Eve). 
What did you receive??????
Comment down below or link me your blog, I'd love to see it!
A Happy New Year to Y'all!
Thanks for reading!

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