Hello 2015!

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I guess I'm welcoming 2015 with a new planner! Hurrah!
And cheers to my first post of the year... read on to find out what's in my head lately :P
I like how there's not only a monthly planner...

but there's a weekly planner, too! I can jot down more details or to-do lists I have to accomplish in a day.

It's definitely smaller than my old organizer, but the old one only had a monthly planner.

I love the gold "snakeskin/faux leather" feel... it makes me seem like a legit blogger. LOL.
Both my new and old organizers are by Sugar Paper which I purchased from Target.

     2014 has been full of beautiful and wonderful things... but it also been very distracting. I have been meaning to get my life in order, but passion does get the best of me. I need to stay focused and organized. My life has to consist of working out and stuying for the NCLEX... with blogging and dancing squeezing in. As soon as I accomplish my number one goal, I should be able to have a few months of "vacation" before I launch myself into the "grown up world". No, I will not leave blogging or dancing behind. But, I need to secure my future with a solid foundation and a backup plan. There is just one last leap I have to take and I pray I make it soon. Wish me luck!

Any thoughts on the New Year? Resolutions? Share it with me on the comments! ^^
Thanks for reading!

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