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GABBY x HCDC | AKB48 Koisuru Fortune Cookie 2014 Compilation MV uploaded by gAbbYrOckzz.
Yet, another of my work lands on television, woohoo!
Which show?
Well, NHK World's 8th J-MELO AWARDS!!!
Gabby @ the J-MELO 2014 Singer Search & J-Pop Summit 2014 Festival J-Pop Idol
Koisuru Fortune Cookie - AKB48
NHK WORLD | The 8th J-MELO Awards

I woke up and found that the video my sister, Gabby, submitted to the J-MELO Singer Search has been featured in the its trailer video which was uploaded by NHK WORLD on facebook.
     The video features her cover on AKB48's Koisuru Fortune Cookie, her performance at J-Pop Summit 2014 Festival's J-Pop Idol (which includes me as a back-up dancer & where she won as Yanakiku's Pick!) and the shoot we did at Casa Verde Beach, Monterey with the Hartnell College Dance Club

We were surprised to find this video, despite it being submitted so late, to be included in the nominated list from 100+ entries from all over the world! Plus, the judges are the ladies from girl group, Morning Musume, and DJ Taku Takahashi of m-flo (we saw him perform at the J-MELO LA Party last year!). That's awesome right??!

Watch the full feature on the 8th J-MELO Awards here.
Watch the trailer video here.
Watch our full performance at J-Pop Summit 2014 Festival J-Pop Idol here:

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