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Club Lollipop @ SacAnime Winter 2015
So I mentioned in my other blog post that Club Lollipop performed at SacAnime and now it's time to talk about the convention itself!

Sorry if I don't have a lot of pictures. I mainly focused on vlogging, so watch the vlog for a better in sight of SacAnime! I currently have Day 1 uploaded here:

SACANIME WINTER 2015 DAY 1 VLOG  [01.02.15] ~ @beekyoote uploaded by beekyoote.

Read on to see the pictures!

Kill La Kill Panel ~ SacAnime Winter 2015
Kill La Kill Panel ~ SacAnime Winter 2015
The Kill la Kill panel!
     They hold their popular panels in the biggest room there is. Actually, most of the rooms and even the lobby is pretty huge! The Sacramento Convetion Center is meant to hold a bigger crowd than what SacAnime brought in. Friday was almost empty, Saturday's crowd improved a bit, and, to our surprise, Sunday was almost filled up. I don't know if that's normal because I usually skip out on the last day of Anime Expo (for the past two years, at least). But, when I went to last year's Fall Kraken Con Day 2, despite the small scale of the convention, it had a pretty good turn out. 

Pieology Pizzeria
Pieology Pizzeria
Lunch at Pieology Pizzeria
     The whole weekend we were at SacAnime, we were ate here twice! You can either order their pre-made recipes or get yours custom made for only $8. Not bad huh? It only comes with a thin crust and you can eat a whole pizza by yourself if you're hungry. We each had our own the last time we went in there, but during our first visit, we had two pizzas only for the four of us. This is a pretty near the convention center and worth it for the those who went to SacAnime on a budget (like us, lol).

Club Lollipop @ SacAnime Winter 2015
Club Lollipop @ SacAnime Winter 2015
Club Lollipop!
     Our look for our performance that Friday night! We went to rave right after... which was held at the same room where all the big panels were held. Half the room still had the seats... and it was quite ackward. Dancing with so much space? I may love the big stage for dancing to the crowd, but they may need to find another room to make it less ackward.

Yayahan @ SacAnime Winter 2015
We were walking around the Exhibitor's Hall and passed her! She's a famous cosplayer and a special guest of the con. Good thing we passed by ^^

Women of Voice Acting ~ SacAnime Winter 2015
Women of Voice Acting
     All the famous English voice actresses come together to talk about their work and answer questions their fans had. Quite interesting and one of the best panels I've been to.

But for more of a feel of the convention, watch my vlog!

Check out the Club Lollipop post here:

Watch the Club Lollipop performance here:

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