VKH-PRESS: AX2015 Fashion Show + H.NAOTO

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     Finally! My full official fashion report  for VKH-Press is now up and you can read it HERE. As you can see at the picture above, that's me in a really good seat with a great view! You can see me at work in the video Anime Expo uploaded during the H.NAOTO segment down below:

The pictures in the official post aren't mine... and since I took some pictures of my own, here's a collage of the steam punk line with Dir En Grey's Shinya!
H.NAOTO @ Anime Expo 2015 Fashion Show
Pretty awesome line, huh? I was able to interview the designer, Hirooka Naoto, and superstar drummer of Dir En Grey, Shinya, too! Anyways, if you want to know what's good in Japanese fashion, check out the full post HERE

Check out my other pix on the other fashion lines here:
Liz Lisa

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