My Adore Me Experience!

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Adore Me | Black Corset Heidi

Because I qualified for the Influenster XO VoxBox, I was also given a coupon to grab my own lingerie set from Adore Me free of charge! 

Adore Me | Black Corset Heidi
Adore Me | Black Corset Heidi
Adore Me | Black Corset Heidi
Adore Me | Black Corset Heidi

My thoughts:
     The quality of my corset, Heidi, is pretty awesome! It does not feel cheap at all! Not only does it come in pretty packaging, it also comes as a set with a matching panty. Also, their sizes goes from XS and all the way up to 6XL! If you order the wrong size or you aren't satisfied with the design you picked out, you can easily get an exchange with no extra charge (even shipping)! This is actually my second order because I picked a 4XL at the beginning. Wah! Too big! Thankfully, my next order- this 2XL- is just right for me! They have great customer service, fast shipping and a lot of pretty things to offer! I'm so glad I was given this opportunity to try this out!

Sign up here for your first set for only $25 here:

Honestly, a $25 high quality corset with unlimited exchange opportunity is not bad at all! My friends all like this idea and may be purchasing their own soon. Don't miss out on this!

If you want to see the corset live watch my video below:

The Influenster XOVoxBox | Adore Me Experience ~ @beekyoote uploaded by beekyoote.

I got to experience shopping with Adore Me because of Influenster.
If you want to be a part of this amazing program, sign up here:
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